Mexico Urged to Address Cultural Clashes with Visitors After Locals Were Denied Access to Public Viewing Site During the Recent Solar Eclipse

Mexico Urged to Address Cultural Clashes with Visitors After Locals Were Denied Access to Public Viewing Site During the Recent Solar Eclipse

In the wake of recent events where foreigners have shown a disregard for local customs and culture, a disturbing incident unfolded during the solar eclipse on April 8, which was visible in northern Mexico. While nationals and tourists from various countries mingled during the celestial event, a group of locals in Durango had a sour encounter when some foreigners blocked their access to a public viewing spot. 

The encounter was captured on video and went viral on TikTok, shared by the user @mxespaciolibre. In the footage, a foreign woman can be seen denying entry to Durango residents who were trying to reach the Los Remedios viewpoint (or mirador as they are commonly known in Latin America), situated atop a hill of the same name, to witness the eclipse.  


Negocios privados con espacios públicos en el eclipse total de sol: el gobernador de #Durango Esteban Villegas les vende por varias horas un sitio privilegiado del mirador de Los Remedios a turistas extranjeros con el engaño de que eran “especialistas en diversas ramas” cuando en realidad es la empresa norteamericana de viajes Betchart Expeditions. Aqui la prepotencia de su mánager expulsando a mexicanos de nuestro propio espacio público.

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In the video, one girl expressed her frustration, stating, “They won’t let us in. They’re blocking our way. We should have priority because we live here. When we go to their place, they kick us out, but here, they act like they own the place.” The situation escalated when the foreign woman raised her voice and confronted the girl and another man who questioned her. In a mocking tone, she bid them farewell, declaring it a “private event” as the space was allegedly rented by local authorities. 

Everyone Could’ve Enjoyed the Solar Eclipse Without Any Issues

Social media users identified the woman, purportedly a manager at Betchart Expeditions. However, Lauro Arce Gallegos, head of Durango’s Directorate of Fairs, Excursions, and Shows, refuted claims that the viewpoint was rented to the group.  


According to Gallegos, only a designated area was marked off to protect the scientific observation equipment used by researchers studying the astronomical phenomenon from Durango. Gallegos further stated in a press release that staff at the viewpoint intervened to ensure that everyone could enjoy the total solar eclipse safely.  

Despite the intervention, the incident shed light on the tensions between locals and tourists, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and understanding in shared spaces.  

Such clashes underscore the importance of fostering cultural sensitivity and promoting inclusivity among all visitors, regardless of their origin.  

Seriously, what’s going on in Mexico and the visitors they are getting lately? 

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