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So you’re dying to see what you would look like as a blonde and you’re not sure how to go about it without doing some damage to your hair. The conversation in your head often starts like this: “how can I get a temporary look that I can keep long enough to get used to, but not commit to long term?” Or “when I take my temporary-do out my hair, will it cause any damage?” We all wish we could take hair risks like we had our own glam squad to jump right in, in case it was an epic fail. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have those luxuries, but why can’t we look like we do? What’s really stopping us from taking the chance to see what we’d look like with that bob-cut we’ve always wanted, but might be too chicken to let our scissor happy stylists go nuts?

Maybe you’ve been growing your waist length hair since high school, a feat which you’re way too proud to end in 5 minutes at the salon. Just the thought gives you anxiety, even tears. It’s completely understandable. Our hair is an extension of us, to which we’ve become emotionally attached. Any changes can be frightening. However, there are solutions to any hair plight you might be facing. This is the one time you can have your cake and eat it too. Let’s examine a few hair extension techniques that allow you to rock a new look without ever having to permanently change your hair.  

Cluelessly Glueless

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Photo credit: IG page of hairextensionsbyfah: Micro-link extensions

It’s important to understand that changing the look of your hair should not be at the detriment of it. Therefore adding extensions without using glue should be best practice. Options such as micro links or clip-ins are ideal when you need to add length and volume, while a full sew-in can be used to give your hair a break from over processing. While all these options are stunning for the moment, it’s imperative that follow-up with your hair care professional is done every 6-8 weeks. Your own hair still needs to be treated, especially if the reason you decided to do these installs was due to hair damage. So, get frequent hair masks to keep your hair hydrated so that when you’re ready to rock your own hair, you can do it with the utmost confidence.

Wig Out

WigOut BeLatina

Wigs these days are not like your grandmother’s. We can recall those days when our grandmother’s wig didn’t move and could only be worn in one style. The wig game has stepped up exponentially, just ask The Real HouseWives of Atlanta, who has dominated the hair evolution. Nowadays, wigs come in every length, color, dimension, and density. There’s even flexibility with the installation of a wig. Wigs can be temporarily affixed with small combs on the inside, or sewn down like a weave. Wigs are the best option if you are looking to take a break from hot tools, but still want to look fierce without a trip to the hair salon. It is instantly transformative and can complete the vision of a look you may have always wanted to try. If you’re not ready for the “Big-Chop,” but you always wanted to know what you would look like with chin length-hair, this is your chance.  It’s especially perfect for that hair color you wanted to test out. You can custom color a wig to any color your heart desires and let that inner diva emerge.

Forget Me Knot

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Women of Color are known for their hair transformations. It’s one thing around grooming of which they take pride. Without question, curly or kinky hair can take a lot of effort to maintain if you chose to keep it natural.  Heat and color can be damaging, which adds to the tedious maintenance process. To avoid putting chemicals, heat or color to the hair while having the freedom of washing the scalp, we turn to protective styles such as braids, and faux locks. The versatility of protective styles is endless as the revival of old techniques have risen in popularity in recent years.  

One such technique known as Knotless Braids, will give the illusion of the braid growing out of your scalp, with no detectable “Bump” to give away the point of attachment. It is seamlessly braided with your own natural hair to lengths that could go pass your bum. One such knotless braid expert is based in Brooklyn, Ms. Hair and Humor and has clients from all over the world begging to be touched by her magical hands. Braid installation can sometimes be painful, but she is like a ninja from the moment you sit in her chair. You don’t feel when she starts or finishes, but the end result is always flawless and painless.  No matter your hair color or texture, she will have the right technique for you, always keeping in mind your personal hair requirements and style. Faux Locks — think Lisa Bonnet — is next in line for an authentic natural look, while remaining chic yet edgy. It’s the perfect hair install for that beach vacation with no maintenance necessary.

How you wear your hair is a personal choice that’s reflective of your individuality. It’s a representation of your mood on any given day. The saying “I wear my heart on my sleeve” is usually mentioned in reference to emotion, but I think it would be safe to say that we show our emotions with our hair, too. Maybe some of us can relate to that moment when Britney Spears shaved her head. As women, we understood the emotions she needed to release. We knew what it meant as she shared her authentic self with the world. We use our hair as an emotional outlet as every up-do, cascading locks, color change or big-chop is indicative of our well-being in the moment. Knowing that a hair decision doesn’t have to be permanent, our many options are liberating, and this freedom allows us to take the risk with no regret. So, feel free to take drastic action with your mane, fearlessly!

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