Bad Bunny Is Harper’s Bazaar Magazine’s First Latino Cover Star Ever

Bad Bunny Is Harper's Bazaar Magazine’s First Latino Cover Star Ever belatina latine
Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar / John Edmonds

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio. That’s a name that will go down in Latino history for being nothing short of a phenomenon.

Lately, it seems like he’s progressively cementing his icon status. He’s thriving by performing sold-out concerts and he just opened up a restaurant in Miami. Let’s just say he’s arguably the most popular global artist right now – especially with his latest album Un Verano Sin Ti still being No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Chart for its eighth nonconsecutive week now. 

How else can he impress us? 

Well, yesterday (August 16) Harper’s Bazaar unveiled their 2022 Icons class (where the magazine chooses innovators under the age of 30 that are “redefining what it means to make an impact”) – and with that, Bad Bunny became the first Latino and solo male to make the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

Read that again: the first Latino ever to make it on the cover of a magazine that’s been around for 154 years.

That’s an accomplishment in itself – and we’re here to celebrate it!

Here are three highlights we learned from Benito’s cover story.

On relating more to women’s clothing

The fashion magazine’s Latina culture editor, Bianca Betancourt, asked what we’ve all been wondering about Benito’s curious style choices. Where’d his initial inspirations come from? Turns out he would frequently shop with his mother while growing up in Puerto Rico.

“I always remember seeing the pieces in women’s clothing, and they would always fit me so much better, and they had so much different variety,” he told Harper’s Bazaar. “Obviously, as you get older, you start seeing what the world shows you, and if I lived my life that way, then I wouldn’t be able to dress in the way that I really want to.”

On doing what he wants –  as long as it’s authentic

“My goal will be to do things that I enjoy, never to be a billionaire or whatever. If I don’t feel passionate about something, then I’m not going to do it, no matter how much it is,” he told Harper’s Bazaar. “But, hey, if we get to a billion one day, then we get to a billion.” 

Very yo hago lo que me da la gana of him, right?

On owing his success to hard-working Latinos

“At the end of the day, my success in the United States I owe to the hardworking Latinos who have helped make the country what it is today,” he told Betancourt. “I highly doubt the type of gringos I don’t f*ck with listen to me. Those were all the people at the Super Bowl who were pissed off about how Latino the halftime show was.”

For those who love Benito, there’s also video content on the website for the magazine’s “Signature Dish,” and “Food Diaries” (where he details everything he eats in a day!) segments.

Read the full interview now at Harper’s Bazaar’s website. Want a physical copy? The print issue will be available on newsstands on August 30.

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