The First National Latina Consultants Group Comes to Life

Latina Consultants Group BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Latina Consultants Group.

When we talk about Latina representation, we’re not just talking about the big and small screen. We are talking about each and every professional sphere.

Take for example the practice of political and programmatic consulting, where professionals are in charge of organizing electoral campaigns and general government communication. These individuals are responsible for defining the message that the candidate wants to convey to citizens. 

Now, if our insistence for years has been the need for politicians to understand the Latino community beyond the myth of the monolith, the fair representation of Latinos, especially Latinas, in the world of political consulting is more key than ever.

That is why the National Latina Consultants Group is a milestone in the political revolution that Latinos in the United States are leading.

Formed by a group of Latina strategists and creatives, the newly launched National Latina Consultants Group brings together more than 40 years of experience in campaigns, nonprofits, and the private sector.

As the group said in a press release, the effort seeks to fill a void of Latina perspectives and better serve political campaigns, agencies, and corporations. 

“The lack of representation and perspectives of Latinas across professional fields and particularly in leadership positions is unacceptable,” said Vanessa Cardenas, President of CardenasStrategies. “In spite of being 18% of the women population, voting at higher rates than their male counterparts, and gaining ground on educational attainment, Latinas make up only 4.3% of those in C-suite positions and less than 3% in Congress. It is time that their perspectives, insights, and presence are felt at every decision-making table in every sector. This collaboration is one way of uplifting and bringing our expertise to the forefront, and it is also our way of pushing the door wide open for others to come through.” 

Considering the severe lack of representation, particularly of women of color, in the practice of political consulting, this new collaboration promises to radically change culturally competent perspectives and services.

“We have come together as we understand firsthand the challenges Latina consultants face in a white and male-dominated industry,” said Vanessa Millán of Con Cultura. “As someone who has worked with candidates up and down the ballot, this is the moment for more Latinas to come forth. Each of us is a trailblazer in our fields, and we will work together as strategic partners to deliver results for our clients. We look forward to supporting candidates, especially Latina candidates.”

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