From His Musical Inspiration to His NFL Halftime Performance, BELatina Talks to Boricua Reggaetonero Jhayco

Credit: Instagram/ @jhayco

Jhayco, formerly known as Jhay Cortez, is no stranger to the limelight. He has carved his path in the music industry with two Grammy wins and credits as a songwriter on chart-topping hits such as “I Like It” featuring Bad Bunny, Cardi B, and J Balvin 

Starting his songwriting journey at 11, he’s now transitioning to center stage, where his voice is stealing the spotlight. But behind these accolades lies a journey that intertwines his roots in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, with the streets of New York City. 

Recently, at an NFL game halftime in Miami, Florida, during the Miami Dolphins versus Tennessee Titans match, BELatina had the privilege of catching up with Jhayco to dive into his ongoing projects, including his partnership with CÎROC, representing a significant stride for a Latino artist in a national brand. 

From His Musical Inspiration to His NFL Halftime Performance, BELatina Talks to Boricua Reggaetonero Jhayco
Photo courtesy: Hunter PR/ (left to right) Guisell Gomez, Editor-In-Chief of BELatina, Jhayco, and Marivette Navarrete, founder of The Mujerista

From the heart of his music to his upcoming projects, he shared a glimpse of his journey and how it has shaped his music and identity. 

Interview Highlights 

Tell us about the inspiration behind your music. 

Jhayco: Music is my life; it’s the air I breathe. My inspiration stems from daily life experiences and the stories I gather from the people around me. 

When did you know that music was the path for you? What kept you motivated? 

Jhayco: I always felt the pull towards music. Growing up, my dad immersed me in the music scene. He introduced me to studios, song structures, and the art of crafting music. That early exposure fueled my passion, and it continues to drive me today. 

How did you prepare for the Miami halftime performance? What was running through your mind? 

Jhayco: Performing at a grand stadium halftime was a dream. It was exhilarating to share my music with a diverse audience, potentially introducing my sound to new ears. The energy and excitement of the crowd were incredible. 

Your partnership with CÎROC is a significant collaboration. What does it mean to you? 

Jhayco: Working with CÎROC has been incredible. They are my go-to when celebrating; they set the mood perfectly. Their support for me as an artist means a lot. Closing my weekend with the CÎROC halftime show at the Dolphins game was epic. 

Are there any favorite CÎROC cocktails you enjoy? 

Jhayco: When hanging with friends in Miami or back home in Puerto Rico, I love a CÎROC Passion cocktail — simple, with a touch of lime juice, sugar, and a jalapeño kick. 

What projects are you currently brewing up? 

Jhayco: I’m finalizing my upcoming album and gearing up for my Vida Rockstar tour across the U.S. Catch me on the road in 2024. I hope to see you all at the shows! 

As his career continues to ascend, we can all expect Jhayco’s name to be a constant within the current Latin music boom.  

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