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Here’s why Nely Galán is the Entrepreneurial Fairy Godmother Every Woman Needs to Know

When NBC was looking for a Latina contestant for Celebrity Apprentice in 2008, the network had something very specific in mind: a successful Latina...

How to Raise a Woke Baby: An Interview with Mahogany Browne

Being a parent in today’s world comes with its own unique set of complications and tough choices. It’s not enough to simply raise your...

Senator Kamala Harris Kicks of Campaign with a Crowd

California Senator Kamala Harris officially kicked off her campaign over the weekend in her hometown, drawing a crowd of over 20,000 people to her...

Have You Heard About Van Jones, Meek Mill, Jay-Z Announce The Criminal Justice Reform...

Activist, author, and political commentator Van Jones is heading up a super squad of high-profile figures in the effort to reform the U.S. prison...
Covington High Washington DC BeLatina

Contemplation and Positivity to Process Covington Catholic and Indigenous Peoples’ Encounter

Update: in the time since this story broke, a private detective agency brought on board by the diocese that oversees Kentucky's Covington Catholic High...
Sharice Jones Congress

Here’s Why Sharice Davids is the Political Hero This Country Desperately Needs

After an election cycle that witnessed a shift in favor of gender equality in Congress and governorships, Sharice Davids, the Democratic Representative for the...
How to Budget BeLatina

This Federal Shutdown Should Have You Thinking About Building a Personal Emergency Fund

With the government shutdown going into its 26th day over the Trump administration’s crusade to fund a border wall — at this point, over...
Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the U.S., are seen during a new leg of their travel in Esquipulas BeLatina border writers

Latest Migrant Caravan Scheduled to Leave Honduras Early This Morning

Only a couple days after his Presidential Address President Trump addressed this past Thursday’s news of the latest migrant caravan, which left San Pedro...

Grain-Free but Soulful: Meet the Garza Family, Owners Siete Foods

For carb-lovers the notion of going grain-free can seem like an overwhelming and painful undertaking. But if you suffer from gluten intolerance or other...
Family Dysfunction

The Subtle Art of Self-Preservation: How to Cope with Toxic Family Dysfunction

There’s no such thing as a perfect family, a family in which everything is love, support, kindness, and fun. Of course, there are families...
Setting Goals Resolutions Belatina

F%&k Resolutions: 2019 is About Creating Systems for Success

It’s a new year, which means a fresh start, a chance to do all of the things you set out to do last year...
Ayahuasca Mystery BeLatina

A Deep Dive With Ethnobotanist Sarah Wu Into Ayahuasca’s Global Growing Pains

The word ayahuasca spills mysteriously from the lips, not unlike the incantation of a magic spell. And while you may not understand exactly what...