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Rico Suave: The Actors Who Started and Continued the Latin Lover Stereotype

You could probably say that the idea of the Latin lover started with legendary Italian lothario Giacomo Casanova. But Hollywood has taken the notion...

12 Assumptions People Make When They Learn You’re Latine

A stereotype is a preconceived notion about a group of people. It takes the experience of a few (or even many), and applies it...

The Super Fine Line Between Body Positivity and Risking One’s Health

We are all about any movement or effort that encourages women to love their bodies. After all, self-love and self-acceptance — and yes, that...
Worth Equal Pay Pink Tax Artist Alice Skinner

Respect Wrangling: How to Claim Your Worth at Work

As anyone in the working world knows, you need to fight for what you want and demand the respect that you deserve. This is...

17 Reasons Why John Leguizamo is the History Teacher the Whole World Needs

Is it just us, or did you used to dread history class back in your younger, school-aged days. Perhaps it’s because you were a...

Everything Latinx at Sundance  

Sundance, aka the super glamorous independent film festival everyone secretly wants to attend, just wrapped up in Park City, Utah, and there was a...

Damn, Gina: Gina Rodriguez Falls Short in Apology for Anti-Black Sentiment

Gina Rodriguez, Latina actress beloved for her leading role in Jane the Virgin, has been under fire on social media for what critics are...