To help your company promote your involvement with BELatina, we have put together a few items that will help you get started.

Any use of this material must be submitted to BELatina for approval prior to use. Please contact your Project Manager directly for approvals on promotional materials.

Logos & Marks General Guidelines

  • Lifetime logo cannot be used on its own, and has to be used in conjunction with BELatina logo.
  • Lifetime logo must be smaller in size then BELatina logo.
  • The words “airing on” or “airs on” must appear before the Lifetime logo.

BELatina Logo

BELatina Logo - White


Press Releases

If you are releasing your own Press Release, it needs to be approved by BrandStar’s Brand Service Department.

When using Lifetime Television® in reference to BELatina in the Press Release, it needs to be represented as such:

“BELatina airing on Lifetime TV”
“Lifetime’s BELatina or Lifetime TV”

Boilerplate for BELatina and BrandStar

About BELatina: BELatina is a morning show created and produced by BrandStar that is an awe-inspiring lifestyle series. Serving up content that celebrates the monumental cultural shift across the country, BELatina is showcasing women’s individuality and multicultural diversity, to create even more space for the evolution of Latina/Afro-Latinx empowerment across multiple themes and channels. Tune in to BELatina weekdays at 7:30 a.m. (ET/PT) on Lifetime®, and find all previously aired episodes on BELatina.com.


About BrandStar: We’re matchmakers; connecting People to Brands to Do Life Better. BrandStar has unparalleled experience in creating customized educational content for brands with laser targeted extensive distribution through their multi-channel network ecosystem and methodology. From Original television programming on Lifetime, BrandStar.tv, social media, digital marketing, to media management and PR; BrandStar helps brands connect with the right consumer, at the right time, with the right message, through all the right channels.