Exclusive: Q&A with Latino Rising Freestyle Rapper, AdonysX, As He Celebrates His Red Bull Batalla Victory

Exclusive: Q&A with Latino Rising Freestyle Rapper, AdonysX, As He Celebrates His Red Bull Batalla Victory
Courtesy of Daniel Zuliani/Red Bull Content Pool

The Spanish-language hip-hop scene ignited with fervor as AdonysX, the rap virtuoso also known as Adonys Francisco Mata Martinez, clinched victory at the electrifying Red Bull Batalla qualifier. The battle of words and rhythm unfolded on August 26 at SkateBird Miami, drawing an exuberant crowd of over 900 hip-hop aficionados. AdonysX’s triumphant freestyling secured him a prime spot in the National Final slated for Dallas on November 11.  

With Spanish-language hip-hop surging in influence, the ascent of talents like AdonysX from Red Bull Batalla signals the rise of the next freestyle legends. Anchored by the judgment of hip-hop stalwarts MC Snow, Chester, and Sara Socas, and steered by hosts Racso White Lion and Sonja La Makina, the event proved a symphony of raw talent and rhythmic genius. 

In an exclusive Q&A with BELatina News, AdonysX basked in the glory, expressing how much this win meant to him and his loved ones. Read on to see what he had to say about his victory.  

Interview Highlights 

The interview was slightly edited for clarity and brevity. 

Congratulations on your recent achievement, AdonysX! Can you share your thoughts about this moment?  

Thank you! It’s truly amazing to see everything come together. I’ve expressed to my colleagues how much this means to me and to Venezuela. Right now, it’s a mix of feelings, but it’s all about joy and happiness. There’s a bit of nostalgia because some loved ones I wish were here to celebrate with me aren’t nearby, but I know they’ll enjoy this news once they find out. That thought keeps me happy. 

Can you talk about these important people you mentioned?  

Of course. If I could talk to them right now, I’d be overwhelmed with emotions. My mother, my sister – they’re in another country, which hits me hard. It’s both exciting and emotional, but I’m sure they’ll be thrilled about it too. 

Your performance was outstanding. How did you prepare for this achievement?  

Thank you for that! Well, beyond just training, which was crucial, it’s all about concentration and focusing on what truly matters. I used to be a bit undisciplined in my approach to rap, but this time, I poured in discipline, attention, and love for what I do. Studying previous results inspired me to keep going, and reading played a big role. I dived into various things – general knowledge, news articles, even online books, like ones from Paulo Coelho. It’s about nurturing yourself, you know? 

Tell us what you feel when you’re on stage.  

When you’re up there, it’s different – we’re raw, we’re street-born, and sometimes words just slip out. But it’s all because of the emotions. I’d love to maintain a clean rap, but that’s not freestyle. It’s a spontaneous expression. 

Your journey is so inspiring. What advice would you give to other Latinos aspiring to reach your level?  

I’d tell them that we’re all equals. I’m just like them. It’s about setting your goal and working towards it. If it doesn’t work the first time, keep at it. Even if it takes several tries, don’t stop fighting for it. 

Any last words for our audience at BELatina News?  

Absolutely. Stay active, stay happy. Keep an eye on the channel because exciting things are coming – racks and freestyles. The event is going to be incredible, and you should definitely enjoy every bit of it. 

As AdonysX’s victory reverberates, the stage is set for him to represent Venezuela on the grand international platform at the Red Bull Batalla World Final in Bogotá, Colombia. 

For those unable to attend the Miami qualifier and wish to see these victories, the full event will be available for fans to stream on the @redbullbatalla Twitch/YouTube/Facebook platforms on August 30 at 4 pm ET / 1 pm PT.

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