Tricks and Tips on How To Be the Most Fashionable Chingona This Holiday Season

Latino holiday parties are an experience. From the food to the music, it is unforgettable. Part of the experience is making an entrance with big main character vibes, especially if you self-identify as a chingona. If that’s you, then you know that you must break necks as soon as you glide through your family’s living room. 



As much as Latinos love to be surrounded by the warmth of the people they love, it is not lost on anyone how important it is to look your best for the family’s holiday party. From head to toe – to even your press-on nails (Dashing Diva has a wonderful selection) – being completely put together for a holiday party just hits different. But sometimes even the most experienced fashionistas need tips and tricks to help them achieve their ideal holiday look. 

The good news is that being the most fashionable chingona at a holiday party is totally achievable. 

Here’s how:

Confidence is key

Fashionistas, supermodels, and fashion moguls all have something in common – and it goes beyond their keen sense of style. It’s all in your attitude as you arrive. You must exude confidence, elegance, and grace. Let your outfit be the second thing people notice about you; how you carry yourself will put the stamp on your impact this holiday season. 

Tricks and Tips to be the Most Fashionable Chingona This Holiday Season belatina latine

Your nails are important, too

It is easy to neglect how your hands are looking, especially after countless hours shopping for the perfect outfit to “wow” your family at the holiday gathering. It even makes sense considering that time seems to go by quicker during the holiday season than any other time in the year. 

During our latest episode for BELatina TV, Karent Sierra spoke with an expert on nails from Dashing Diva and they dived deep into the beauty of having a perfect manicure at all times. The options had Sierra (and everyone behind-the-scenes) elated. Being busy Latinas, having this nail option is a godsend. 

Now, you might’ve heard – and are already even using – The Dashing Diva press on nails because they are all the hype at the moment. However, they’ve been around for a while, making them true masters in the nail industry. Thanks to their patented pressure-sensitive adhesives and over a thousand designs to choose from, Dashing Diva combines innovation and style with the latest technologies in nails. Best of all, they keep up with the trends. Have you heard of Glazed Donut nail, which was recently spoken about by Brazilian-descent public figure, Hailey Bieber? Well, they’ve got the press-on versions of this popular nail design this season. Best of all? You can get your hands looking like a top model or fashionista in the comfort of your own home – and on a budget. In fact, there’s 25 percent off if you use the code “BELatina” on Dashing Diva’s website. Treat yourself!

Choose comfort 

You might want to wear the extra-tight dress or the shoes you’ve been eyeing for weeks, but make sure these items are comfortable. Any seasoned fashionista will tell you that feeling good about your outfit is key to a successful fashion experience. There’s no need to go too far to remind everyone of the chingona you already are. Keep it cute, but keep it comfy, amiga.

Being a fashionable chingona has never been easier!

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