10 Reasons Why Pharrell Forever Makes Us Happy

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Pharrell Williams turns 46 today and in honor of his birthday we broke down all the reasons why we love him. From bold and creative risk taking, to always picking the right people for his team, to giving us songs that not only make us dance, but make us feel effortlessly good, there are countless reasons to absolutely love Pharrell.

“Happy” was the First Ever 24-Hour Music Video

Pharrell Happy Album Cover

The song was nominated and won awards including the Grammy Award for Best Video in 2014. Earning accolades, spreading joy to the world for 24 hours straight, and at once providing an adorable intro song to Despicable Me 3 – what is there NOT to love?

Producing and Co-Composing on Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures Pharrell

Hidden Figures is an instant classic film about the historic power of Black women at NASA, their lives, and dealing with white supremacy while literally helping the United States PUT PEOPLE ON THE MOON. In addition to being a producer for the film, Pharrell was a co-composer for the film’s equally amazing, uplifting, and perfect-fit soundtrack.

King of Consistency

Four Count Pharrell BeLatina

As a producer he has made his beat introductions all the same, regardless of the genre. While some might call this redundant, we see it as an artistic signature, a way for us to always know when Pharrell-flavored grooves are in our midst.

Knowing a Relationship Doesn’t Mean Ownership  

Pharrell Family
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In an interview with People wherein Pharrell discusses life with his wife model Helen Lasichanh, he reveals the reason why their love works. “We share a space in love that is, I don’t possess her. You know when I was young I used to say things like ‘Oh, she’s mine.’ But she’s not mine, but she sure makes me feel like it.”

Produces the Hits of Our Times

Pharrell Music
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Pharrell has produced songs for artists including Snoop Dogg, the Carters – as in Beyonce and Jay Z, and Gloria Estefan. Some of our favorites are Afro Latina Kelis’s “MilkShake” and “Safari” by J.Balvin featuring Afro Latina rapper B.I.A.

He is a Fashion Icon

Pharrell Adidas
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Pharrell is a creative and often flexes his artistic muscle in the fashion world. His collaborations include Louis Vuitton, Moncler, and Uniqlo.  His latest collaborations with Adidas and Chanel is one of the most anticipated drops on 2019.

He Lines Up with Diverse Talent

Pharrell Belatina Love
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He appointed Latina Mimi Valdeś as Chief Creative Officer to I AM Other and follows her lead when it came to music, movies, and videography. In fact, Mimi suggested the theme for the Happy Music video. Mimi takes risk in art all the time.

Being Candid on Aging

Pharrell Williams BeLatina
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“I think the aging process is a beautiful thing, we admire the fact that we are aging gracefully,” Pharrell said to director Spike Lee. To be fair, there is a slight chance that Pharrell might be a vampire (we’re kidding of course) because he never seems to age, but we agree with his sentiments – aging is beautiful.

He’s All About the Kids

FOHTA Pharrell Kids
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Pharrell’s organization From One Hand to AnOTHER provides children with summer camp opportunities free of charge that allow them to experience the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, math, and motion — all free of cost. According to their website, they have provided over this opportunity to over 1,700 children across 20 locations.

He Inspires Us to Create the World We Want to See

Human Made Pharrell
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During a 2013 conversation with Vulture, Pharrell explained that what keeps him inspired is “creating that which doesn’t exist.

Pharrell has definitely created the world he wants to see while having fun, taking risks, and remembering that while we are here it’s best to optimize every chance we have to full milk it. So, this Aries season celebrate yourself and Pharrell by staying “happy” and “creating that which doesn’t exist yet.” Happy Birthday Pharrell!

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