Meet Yvonne Guidry, the Inspiring Latina Behind Spoiled Latina Summit

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Image courtesy of Yvonne Guidry.

One of the most vivid memories in Yvonne Guidry’s life is when, as a child, her happiest moments were being in the spotlight and playing the role of the family’s entertainer.

Born in Corpus Christi but raised in the Rio Grande Valley, Yvonne Guidry always knew how important it was to keep the family and community together. 

“My family’s efforts, culture, and [Houston] have allowed me to accomplish my dreams of being a mom, wife, and sister to many women within my community,” she told BELatina.

Her mother worked at a radio station and her father was part of a musical group whose music is now archived at UCLA.

Upon moving to Houston, Yvonne took on the Creative Director and Artist Management role for her husband’s record label, but her heart told her that her purpose in life was not to be behind the scenes.

That’s when the entrepreneur made the transition and created Spoiled Latina, a brand and blog that grew into a movement.

As a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty expert in her community, Yvonne has created an event to amplify the social media and advertising needs of brands in the Latino market.

Spoiled Latina focuses on fashion, beauty, music, entertainment, parenting, and travel, making it a leading Latina lifestyle blog.

BELatina had the pleasure of speaking with Yvonne about her vision, her brand, and the importance of creating spaces for the community. Here’s what she had to say:

What made you realize there was a need for spaces and experiences to empower women?

Living in a multicultural city like Houston, there were a limited number of events and moments where Latinas were elevated and championed. The need was even more heightened for me when I attended and learned about Latinx-driven events such as Hispanicize and We All Grow that empower our community and Latinas in more ways than one.

How did the idea for the Spoiled Latina Summit come about?

With the Spoiled Latina brand, I aimed to make moments and celebrate the Latinx community in Houston. When my blog reached its 7th anniversary, the City of Houston honored me with July 9 as “Yvonne Guidry Day,” but since then, it has transitioned to “SpoiledLatina Day.” 

Each year, I created a moment for Latinas and women of Houston to reconnect, empower and lean on each other through beautiful events. With the demand, this year, we transitioned to a 2-day conference-style celebration focusing on the importance of investing in women of color with the 2022 SpoiledLatina Summit.

What is the most complicated part of creating such vital spaces?

I started my brand and its platforms when the era of influencers was barely getting the spotlight, so I experienced navigating the journey without a blueprint. While creating this path, it’s been key to finding and teaming up with brands and organizations that prioritize investing in the Latinx community, such as Beauty by H-E-B, BUCHANAN’S Blended Scotch Whisky, Slingshot, Volkswagen Cypress, Topo Chico, Foot Locker, Reebok, Cantu Beauty and Precise Dental of Houston.

What was your experience launching your own brand like?

The launch of my brand had no blueprint and came from a place of building a community driven by wanting other Latinas to allow themselves to indulge in self-care. I remember seeing my mom be the last one to eat or take care of herself, and I knew this narrative was essential to solidify through a platform and curated moments. 

What would you recommend to another Latina considering starting her own project?

The hardest part is starting, so I encourage other Latinas just to begin. The journey will have its ups and downs, but the initial push you need to start is the most important because you should live a life leading with your purpose.


The Spoiled Latina summit will be held July 15-16 in Houston, Texas. Learn more about the program here.

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