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Latino Enrollment BeLatina Latinx

Thanks to the Coronavirus College Enrollment is Down, and Latino Students Are At Risk

As if the world wasn't suffering enough due to the coronavirus pandemic, recent reports show that college enrollment has declined significantly. Such a decline...
Recycling Latam BeLatina Latinx

The Coronavirus Crisis Has Affected Latin America’s Recycling and Garbage Sifters

The recycling and disposal industry saw a significant shift due to the regulations and the change in practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Latin...
Hurricane Hanna BELaitna Latinx

Hanna, Coronavirus and the Trump Border Wall Metaphor in Texas

The first storm of the season hit South Texas last Saturday. Amid high winds and torrential rain, the so-called Hanna storm — now a...
Pregnant Latina BELatina Latinx

Pregnant Latinas Represent a Surprisingly High Rate of Coronavirus Cases in the United States

Talk of a second wave of the coronavirus in the United States is as unpredictable as it is dangerous. While the government insisted that...
Bolsnaro BELatina Covid Latinx

Contaminated With Coronavirus, Jair Bolsonaro Faces Lawsuits and Strikes Back at Indigenous Communities

What is special about scientific facts is that they do not distinguish between political parties or religious beliefs. The coronavirus pandemic has made this...
BELatina Pandemic Red Blue States

The Deep Difference of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Red and Blue States

In the United States, it is not the same to go through a public health crisis in Texas as in California, for example. Nor is...
COVID 19 tracking Project BELatina Latinx

COVID Tracking Project Shows True Impact of Coronavirus on Communities of Color

With the tracking and counting of coronavirus cases in the country being one of the most failed efforts during the pandemic, the Antiracist Research...
Undocumented Immigrants Covid 19 relief BELatina

Undocumented Immigrants in California Can Now Apply for State Coronavirus Assistance Funds

While the federal government is blocking any attempt at relief for undocumented immigrants, California has once again reaffirmed its commitment to the community. Starting this...

Trump Administration’s Anti-Immigrant Policies Spread Coronavirus to Vulnerable Countries

Despite having almost completely suspended its immigration system, and despite being the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world, the United States has...
Covid Unemployment BELatina Latinx

Between Unemployment and Contagion, Coronavirus hinders Growth Momentum in the Latino Community

Just when Latinos seemed to have the American Dream within reach, a new catastrophe brings them back to square one. According to figures from...
Meatpacking Latinos BELatina Latinx

Coronavirus Crisis in Meat Processing Plants Puts Lives and Safety of Latino Families at...

While the media focused on the devastating effect of coronavirus in big cities, the real hot spots of the crisis were simmering in unexpected...
Illinois latino Residents BElatina latinx

In Illinois, Latinos are the most contaminated by Coronavirus

The Illinois Department of Public Health, reported 15,026 cases of COVID-19 infection among Latinos as of May 4.  As recently as March of this...