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George Floyd Movement BELatina

Death of George Floyd Detonates Long-Overdue Social Revolution

Last Monday George Floyd lost consciousness after a policeman in Minneapolis smothered him with his knee for nine minutes. The 47-year-old African-American had been...
The Latine Community is Not Covered Enough in the News, Report Finds – This is Not Okay belatina latine

The Latine Community is Not Covered Enough in the News, Report Finds – This...

Keeping the Latino/e community informed is crucial. After all, this community accounts for nearly 20 percent of the population in the United States. Yet,...
Kanye West Hires Latina Lawyer Camille Vasquez To Represent Him

Kanye West Hires Latina Lawyer Camille Vasquez To Represent Him

Update: Camille Vasquez is no longer Kanye West's lawyer as of October 24, 2022. Kanye West aka Ye reportedly hired Latina Camille Vasquez, the former lawyer...
Black and Latino Youth BELatina Latinx

New Report Finds Black and Latino Youth 50% More Likely to Be Incarcerated Than...

Systemic racism in the United States is a structural problem that is difficult to deconstruct. We have known this since the Civil Rights Movement,...
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How To Spot Performative Activism, and Why It Can Do More Harm Than Good

With so many communities in America facing discrimination, hate crimes, racial attacks, and more, it seems as if any opportunity to speak out in...
Chocquibtown BELatina Latinx

Chocquibtown, the Voice of Afro-Colombian Identity

Urban music trio Chocquibtown rose to international fame in 2010 after winning a Latin Grammy Award for their song "De donde vengo yo," an...
Critical Race Theory BELatina Latinx

The Complexities of Critical Race Theory and Why It Matters

It's hard to escape critical race theory; an academic concept that was once obscure is now everywhere. Children, parents, educators, lawmakers, activists, citizens, politicians,...
Loiza BeLatina Latinx

Understanding Loíza, The Puerto Rican Epicenter of Traditions

Loíza is one of the most culturally rich municipalities in Puerto Rico. Known as “The Capital of Traditions,” it’s home to some of the...
Ellen Fall Belatina Latinx

Ellen DeGeneres’ Fall From Grace

No, it's not a scandal. It's not an open secret either. The fall from grace of comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres is simply...
Diversity Workplace BELatina Latinx

Companies Need to Start Advocating for Diversity Beyond Their Products

It's no secret that individuals, especially Black Americans, are dealing with a mixture of emotions and thoughts during these troubling, unstable and terrifying times...

5 Ways You Can Demand Justice for Victims of Police Brutality and Racist Attacks

In 2016, during an interview with Stephen Colbert on Late Show, Will Smith said: "Racism is not getting worse, It's getting filmed." The quote...
protest Belatina Latinx George Floyd

The Double Standard of the Right to Protest in the United States

"In this country American means white," Toni Morrison once said. "Everybody else has to hyphenate." And the latest example of this has been the response...