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Full Moon in Sagittarius BELatina Latinx

Full Moon in Sagittarius, Embrace Your Emotional Process With Optimism and Faith

During a tumultuous and complicated time for many comes the Super Full moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 14th at 7:52 EDT, bringing the...
Latinas 90s BELatina Latinx

Latinas Who Graced Our TV Screens in the 90s

Saudade. That's the type of deep nostalgia that most of us feel when thinking about the 90s. Most Millennials think of that era as...
Latine BELatina Latinx

BELatina News Embraces Latine

As the editor of one of the most inclusive platforms for content made by and for Latinas, the term "Latinx" has been sitting on...
Critical Race Theory BELatina Latinx

How Critical Race Theory Affects All Communities of Color, Including Latinos and Native Americans

Since the previous administration, critical race theory has been at the forefront of educational debates in the country. Just this week, critical race theory...
Critical Race Theory BELatina Latinx

The Complexities of Critical Race Theory and Why It Matters

It's hard to escape critical race theory; an academic concept that was once obscure is now everywhere. Children, parents, educators, lawmakers, activists, citizens, politicians,...
Leslie Grace Batgirl BELatina Latinx

Leslie Grace of ‘In the Heights’ To Be New Batgirl

Who would’ve thought a Latina would reinterpret the role once played by Yvonne Craig on the big screen? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Leslie Grace,...
Critical Race Theory BELatina Latinx

Texas Senate Seeks to Eliminate ‘Critical Race Theory’ Lessons

The Texas Senate has taken a step closer to an Orwellian dystopia with its new education bill. As reported by the Texas Tribune, Texas lawmakers...
Cris Ramos BeLatina Latinx

Author Cris Ramos Greene Shares Her Journey to ‘Embrace that Girl’

Imagine sitting in a room with strangers while waiting for answers to some of life’s biggest questions. Why has life turned out this way?...
Denise Soler BeLatina Latinx

Denise Soler Cox of Project Eñye is Helping the Latinx Community Embrace Their Latinidad

The conversation about uplifting the Latinx community has been a constant in recent years. Since we are inching closer to being the largest marginalized...
Alexandra Lúgaro BeLatina Latinx

Alexandra Lúgaro, The Candidate Transforming Puerto Rico’s Gubernatorial Race

As the only woman in Puerto Rico’s gubernatorial race, Alexandra Lúgaro has been one of the most significant contributing factors in youth’s increased involvement...
Affirmative Action BeLatina Latinx

Does Race Matter? A Closer Look At Affirmative Action

Racial disparities in the United States — and the world — are an increasingly convoluted issue, when, with a critical eye, it should be...
Ellen Fall Belatina Latinx

Ellen DeGeneres’ Fall From Grace

No, it's not a scandal. It's not an open secret either. The fall from grace of comedian and television host Ellen DeGeneres is simply...