Bad Bunny Was Named the New ‘King of Pop’ By Forbes – And Michael Jackson Fans Aren’t Having It

Kevin9625Ja, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Apparently, there’s a new “King of Pop” – and some people aren’t having it. If you haven’t heard by now, a recent article on Forbes dubbed Bad Bunny as the new “King of Pop.” There’s no denying that Benito, 29, has soared to prominence, amassing global acclaim for his illustrious career – and it’s been quite a ride to witness. But the king of pop? Are we there yet?  

Debates are being had at the moment because “King of Pop” is a title that has been synonymous with the late Michael Jackson for ages.  

The feature extolled Bad Bunny as a creative dynamo, lauding his knack for turning every production into a worldwide sensation. 

Forbes charted the artist’s towering achievements, notably his status as one of Spotify’s most streamed artists, amassing a staggering 35.9 billion plays. Equally staggering, his YouTube channel boasts over 32 billion views, eclipsing the likes of Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift. 

Further embellishing his laurels, Bad Bunny scripted history by reigning atop Billboard’s Latin Songwriters chart for an astonishing 100 weeks. 

Amid accolades, questions surfaced: How have Michael Jackson’s ardent devotees reacted? 

Sure, Bad Bunny is acclaimed for shaping popular culture and propelling regional music onto the global stage through streaming services and social media. However, has that been enough to share Michael Jackson’s title? 

His album ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ etched its name as Spotify’s most-listened-to album of all time worldwide. 

To Forbes, Bad Bunny embodies the archetype of a contemporary pop icon, leveraging streaming platforms and social media to enchant billions of listeners globally. 

His versatility extends beyond music; ventures into wrestling, Gucci ad appearances, and collaborations with brands like Crocs — where his shoe line sold out in minutes — amplifies his portfolio. 

Can the Title of ‘King of Pop’ Be Shared?  

Nevertheless, Forbes’ proclamation of Bad Bunny as the ‘King of Pop’ has ignited fervent conversations on social platforms. 

The controversy erupts from the historical association of this title with Michael Jackson. Fans of the iconic pop star have vehemently contested Forbes’ opinion. 

The ensuing debate traverses various platforms, underscoring the diverse perspectives within the music fraternity. 

Bad Bunny’s journey to stardom has been propelled by his fusion of genres and unwavering popularity. Forbes acknowledged his pivotal role in reshaping the music landscape, notably through a global fan base predominantly accessing his content via digital platforms. 

Yet, a glance at Michael Jackson’s accolades reveals a staggering legacy: his unrivaled place in music history was cemented following his passing in 2009. The GRAMMY Museum paid homage with a special exhibit, ‘Michael Jackson: A Musical Legacy,’ while the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards in 2010 staged an all-star tribute. 

Jackson’s meteoric achievements include an unparalleled record of eight GRAMMYs in one night and his album ‘Thriller,’ a trailblazing record that remains one of the best-selling albums of all time. His cultural impact resonated through iconic performances and timeless music that spanned decades. 

Whether Bad Bunny ascends to the multidecade status of music icons like Madonna or Michael Jackson remains to be seen. However, the debate over his ‘King of Pop’ epithet persists, underscoring the reverence and controversy that ensues when newcomers threaten the legacies of music legends. 

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