‘Blind Items’ TikToker Kyle Marisa Has Sadly Died and Her Fans Are Now Bullying JLo – Here’s Why This Is Concerning

‘Blind Items’ TikToker Kyle Marisa Has Sadly Died and Her Fans Are Now Bullying JLo – Here’s Why This Is Concerning

The recent passing of Kyle Marisa Roth, a TikToker known for reading “blind items,” has left her fans in disbelief. With her trademark catchphrase, “You want more? I’ll give you more,” Kyle’s sudden death on April 15, 2024, has prompted an outpouring of condolences and tributes. But also, some problematic reactions – especially towards JLo. 

Marisa Roth’s mom was the one to inform the world about the TikTokers’ death via her LinkedIn. 

“My message as her mother is TikTok, the toxicity, the mean-spiritedness of what Kyle has faced, what so many people have faced and try to deal with because of that toxic space,” her mom wrote. “I just want people to live their lives with the brightness of Kyle and her beautiful soul and spirit.” 

What’s the Back Story?

However, amidst the grieving, troubling allegations have surfaced on social media, pointing fingers at Jennifer Lopez as somehow involved in Kyle’s demise. Such accusations, fueled by speculation rather than facts, underscore the dangers of jumping to conclusions in the digital age. 

At the heart of these claims are Kyle’s own statements regarding her struggles with Jennifer Lopez in the days leading up to her passing. Kyle publicly voiced frustrations over her social media account being banned due to strikes against content featuring footage from JLo’s film, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told.” 

In an interview with Forbes, Kyle expressed how she felt JLo’s actions had severely impacted her livelihood, attributing significant financial losses to the singer’s alleged actions. 

Kyle’s comments about the potential consequences of her financial struggles on her health further fueled speculation, raising concerns about the toll that online toxicity may have taken on her mental well-being. She even went as far as putting some blame on JLo before her passing. 

“If I die of colon cancer it’s on her,” she said on social media. She is heard saying this at the five-minute and 16-second mark of the video.  


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The Fans of Kyle Marisa Roth are Dragging JLo Into It – And It’s Not Okay

Yet, it’s crucial to approach such claims with caution and empathy, understanding that they may not tell the whole story. 

Accusations against Jennifer Lopez also come at a time when the singer is facing a lot of backlash. While Kyle herself had covered this scandal on TikTok, it’s essential to recognize that social media narratives can often be misleading and incomplete. 

As we navigate the complexities of Kyle’s passing and the allegations surrounding it, it’s vital to remember the importance of seeking the truth, understanding both sides of the story, and avoiding knee-jerk reactions based on incomplete information. Blindly accusing someone without evidence not only perpetuates harmful narratives but also risks causing further harm to those involved. 

In times of tragedy, it’s essential to approach discussions with empathy, respect, and a willingness to listen. Let us honor Kyle’s memory by fostering a culture of understanding, compassion, and accountability, both online and offline. 

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