Cardi B Continues to Secure Her Bag: Plaintiff Agrees to Pay Her $350K in Album Cover Lawsuit

Cardi B Continues to Secure Her Bag: Plaintiff Agrees to Pay Her $350K in Album Cover Lawsuit
Credit: Chrisallmeid, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Legal disputes often find their way into the lives of celebrities, and Afro-Latina rapper Cardi B recently faced one herself. The lawsuit stemmed from her album cover, but the situation has taken an unexpected turn. Now, the plaintiff who initially sued Cardi B has agreed to cover her legal expenses.  

The Failed Lawsuit Between Kevin Brophy and Cardi B

Kevin Brophy, the man who decided to sue the Afro-Latina star, claimed that Cardi B’s album cover infringed upon his unique tattoo design. Alleging that the artwork replicated his distinctive back tattoo, he took legal action against the renowned artist. However, the lawsuit ultimately faltered, resulting in Cardi B’s victory. 

According to Law and Crime, the plaintiff who initiated the lawsuit against the “Money” rapper has now agreed to pay her attorneys’ fees, which amount to $350,000. Following the dismissal of his case, this agreement highlights the conclusion of the legal battle.  

This news comes right after Cardi B’s win against Tasha K. Even though Tasha K took the “L” and was ordered to pay $3 million dollars in damages, she recently filed for bankruptcy. In other words, she waved the white flag and let the Afro-Latina star know that paying her back was not possible. Regardless of the situation, Cardi B still came out victorious because she cleared her name and made everyone aware of her knack for justice. Simply put: Don’t mess with Cardi B. 

In the ever-dynamic realm of entertainment, legal disputes can arise unexpectedly, even for prominent figures like Cardi B. As the plaintiff concedes to paying her legal fees, this chapter draws to a close. This case serves as a reminder that legal battles can take unpredictable turns. 

The “Bodak Yellow” singer hasn’t said anything regarding this latest win. Nevertheless, her social media shows her thriving and living her best life. True behavior of una reina.  

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