Diana Trujillo, the First Latina to Be Admitted into the NASA Academy, Debuts Her Role as a NASA Flight Director and Unveils ‘Somos Flight’ Insignia

Diana Trujillo, the First Latina to Be Admitted into the NASA Academy, Debuts Her Role as a NASA Flight Director and Unveils 'Somos Flight' Insignia
Credit: Instagram/ @nasa_es

Colombian aerospace engineer Diana Trujillo has ascended to the esteemed position of NASA Flight Director, marking a significant milestone in her career. With pride in her Colombian heritage, Trujillo proudly showcased her newly minted insignia adorned with the colors of the Colombian flag, symbolizing her journey to the forefront of space exploration. 

Trujillo’s appointment as a NASA Flight Director proves just how exceptional her skills are and showcases her dedication to aerospace engineering. Joining an elite group of professionals, she is now the 108th person to receive certification as a flight director at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. 

Expressing gratitude for the support that propelled her to this achievement, Trujillo addressed her colleagues before assuming her duties, emphasizing the significance of their collective mission. “My heart swells with pride when I think of the great achievements of this team and what lies ahead. This is the team that will write the next chapter in human history, taking us back to the Moon, Mars, and beyond,” remarked Diana Trujillo according to NASA. 

Diana Trujillo Explains ‘Somos Flight’

During her inaugural shift as a certified flight director, Trujillo also introduced the insignia that will represent her in future missions. Dubbed ‘Somos Flight,’ the insignia proudly incorporates the colors of the Colombian flag, reflecting Trujillo’s commitment to her roots and her vision of unity and collaboration in space exploration. 

“The word ‘somos’ speaks to community, to who we are as individuals, to our worth, to what we have overcome to become who we are, and to what we can accomplish together. That’s why my call sign will be Somos Flight. I can’t wait to see all that we will achieve together,” Trujillo elaborated during her speech. 

In a cohort of just seven graduates, including Trujillo, these newly certified flight directors are poised to oversee operations for missions to the International Space Station, commercial crew missions, and the Artemis program’s missions to the Moon. Their responsibilities encompass managing crewed spaceflight missions and ensuring the safety of astronauts in space. 

Trujillo, born in Cali, Colombia, conveyed her “absolute joy” in embarking on this mission alongside “incredible and talented human beings” at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Reflecting on her journey, she underscored the power of collaborative effort and shared passion for exploration, citing it as a driving force behind her success. 

As the first Latina to participate in NASA’s Academy program and be selected to lead crewed spaceflight missions, Trujillo emphasized the importance of unity and diversity in her remarks, stating, “We are a family, we are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. We are engineers, scientists, and doctors. We are a community of explorers.” 

An Inspiration to Latinas

Trujillo’s achievements underscore the rigorous training and dedication required to become a NASA Flight Director. Her journey from a housekeeper to aerospace leader exemplifies her grit, serving as an inspiration to aspiring Latina engineers worldwide. 

Receiving the prestigious Boyaca Cross in 2021, the highest civilian honor bestowed by the Colombian government, Trujillo’s accolades highlight her remarkable contributions to both the aerospace industry and her homeland – and Latinas everywhere.  

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