Dior’s Cruise 2024 Collection: From Showcasing Frida Kahlo’s Legacy to Giving a Platform to Mexican Feminist Artist Elina Chauvet and Latina Musician Vivir Quintana, It was an Unforgettable Event

Dior's Cruise 2024 Collection: From Showcasing Frida Kahlo's Legacy to Giving a Platform to Mexican Feminist Arist Elina Chauvet and Latina Musician Vivir Quintana, It was an Unforgettable Event
Credit: Guillermo Kahlo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons; Tania Victoria/Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons; Denisse Tramolao, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In a fashion extravaganza that captured the essence of Mexico City’s rich heritage and artistic allure, Dior unveiled its highly anticipated Cruise 2024 collection. Having taken place in the Colegio de San Ildefonso, a 16th-century Jesuit college where Frida Kahlo met Diego Rivera and frequented, the iconic luxury brand transformed the Mexican capital into a vibrant runway. It blended high fashion with local traditions and created a spectacle that left fashion enthusiasts in awe.  

Drawing inspiration from the city’s vibrant colors, intricate textiles, and cultural tapestry, Dior’s first woman creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, curated a collection that celebrated the fusion of modernity and tradition. Prior to her venture with Dior, the Italian creative spent 17 years at Valentino and was pivotal to the brand’s success in 2015.   

The collection was also a nod to Kahlo’s empowering message of self-identity and individualism. Each ensemble spoke volumes, capturing the essence of her strength, resilience, and unwavering authenticity.  


The garments showcased a harmonious blend of feminine silhouettes, bold prints, and delicate embroideries, paying homage to the country’s indigenous craftsmanship. Beyond the garments themselves, the models exuded a captivating energy reminiscent of Kahlo’s fierce spirit. Their confident strides and enigmatic gazes conveyed a sense of empowerment, bringing Frida’s legacy to life with every step.  

The impeccable strategy was at the forefront of Chiuri’s vision. She even made sure to work with the best Mexican artisans, embroiders, weavers, and jewelry designers to help the collection thrive. Encapsulating Mexican tradition was of the utmost importance to the Italian creative director.    

The picturesque location of the show added to the enchantment. Against the backdrop of its striking architecture, models strutted down the runway, donning stunning designs that effortlessly merged the Dior aesthetic with Mexican influences.  

Critics and fashion insiders praised Chiuri’s ability to seamlessly integrate local motifs, such as traditional embroidery and vibrant patterns, into Dior’s signature style. The collection featured flowing dresses, tailored suits, and eye-catching accessories, all meticulously crafted to celebrate the unique energy and diversity of Mexico.  

Dior brought in highly renowned artist Elina Chauvet to the show  

Her inspiration was weaved into the very political seams of Mexico.   

Chiuri had a few special appearances that tied the show together. She, for example, allowed the Mexican feminist multidisciplinary artist Elina Chauvet, to share the stage with her. Chauvet was tasked to create an installation for the event – and she kicked it out of the ballpark.   

Chauvet is a name that most of Mexico recognize, especially those in the feminist movement. She is known for shining a light on the senseless feminicide that drowns Mexico, in particular, her native state of Chihuahua. One of her most known pieces of work is “Zapatos Rojos (Red Shoes, 2009), where she placed red shoes all throughout Mexico, Central and South America, and Europe, as a representation of absent women’s bodies.   

The Mexican artist is also known for embroidering words in red thread on a white dress in 2012 – these words embodied the feminist movement within her art. Chauvet used the Dior show to once again bring this sentiment back to life by having models walk down the runway in white dresses with powerful words and phrases such as “girl power.” She named this project A Corazón Abierto. The artist stitched the words right before the end of the show.   

An unforgettable performance

Chauvet’s installment came further to life as the models walked down to Vivir Quintana’s Canción Sin Miedo, a song that places a spotlight on murdered women and that urges for change. Quintana was invited to perform the song live, which made the moment even more breathtaking.   

Though many might argue that the collection was too political, there is no denying that the core of Mexico is political – especially when it comes to women’s existence.   

However, not everyone was pleased with the show. Some say that this was another marketing strategy to make a brand seem more “likable,” while still working against the empowerment of women. A lot of this commentary came from the fact that Dior recently partnered with Johnny Depp on a project. On the other hand, there are others, including Latinos, who applaud the inclusion. These people believe it’s important to get the messaging out – and doing so on Dior’s stage should be a plus for the feminist movement in Mexico.   

One thing is for sure: The event showcased Dior’s commitment to embracing cultural diversity and creating meaningful connections through fashion. As models graced the runway, the audience was transported on a mesmerizing journey, immersing themselves in a world where fashion and culture effortlessly merged.  

Dior’s Cruise 2024 collection not only wowed the fashion industry but also highlighted the creative exchange between luxury brands and the places that inspire them. By choosing Mexico City as the backdrop for this momentous show, Dior honored the city’s rich artistic heritage and paid homage to the vibrant tapestry of Mexican culture.  

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