Musicians In Mazatlán, Mexico, Emerge Victorious After Foreign-Born Tourists Tried to Silence Them and Their Art

Musicians In Mazatlán, Mexico, Emerge Victorious After Foreign-Born Tourists Tried to Silence Them and Their Art
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Tourists are realizing the power of the Latino community. We won’t be told what happens in our land. The latest example of this took place in Mazatlán, which is located in Sinaloa, Mexico – and the joy is almost palpable.  

See, the lively sounds of northern Mexican banda have emerged triumphant in Mazatlán. But it took some fighting to get there. For about a week, it seemed as though their livelihood was at risk because some people were trying to silence them due to noise complaints. 

What Happened in Mazatlán?

The controversy erupted when complaints from foreign tourists, accustomed to serene sunsets, prompted proposals to restrict the bands’ performances. Esta gente no tiene vergüenza.  


En Mazatlan Sinaloa la Musica de banda es Cultura, la cual se deve respetar y al que no le guste que no baya, asi de sencillo.

♬ original sound – Rolando 🌞 Fl.

Due to their “discomfort,” some hotels took matters into their own hands and tried to prohibit the bands from serenading beachgoers and “disrupting” the tranquility. Let’s not forget that the beaches of Mazatlán have long been known for the presence of these musicians. It’s also how these musicians can feed their families. Shutting them down would not only be inhumane but a complete disregard for Mexican tradition.  

However, the bands swiftly mobilized in protest, leading to a slight clash with local authorities that escalated into scenes of unrest. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, while acknowledging the right to peaceful protest, condemned the violence that ensued. 

“The Sinaloa bands, or the musicians of the Sinaloa bands, are completely within their rights to protest, just no violence,” López Obrador said.  


y si no les gusta el ruido no vengan !! viva México 🇲🇽🇲🇽💪🏻🍻💯 #mazatlan #bandasinaloense #ejercito #playa #vivamexico #sinaloa #fyp #parati

♬ original sound – OmarLo

Many videos capturing the chaotic scenes went viral in the last few days, with band members wielding drumsticks as improvised weapons in the heat of the confrontation. Governor Rubén Rocha of Sinaloa stood firm in his support for the musicians’ right to earn a livelihood through their art. 

The tension reached its peak when prominent hotel operator Ernesto Coppel called for measures to curtail the bands’ activities, citing numerous complaints from tourists from the United States about noise disturbances disrupting their beachside repose. 

Yet, despite the uproar and attempts to stifle their performances, the beautiful strains of the Sinaloa bands ultimately emerged victorious.  

Though tourism is an important component of any country’s economy, tourists must understand que no se pueden pasar with their requests. Latinos are kind, but don’t test us

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