Dr. Simi Dolls Are Made by an Amazing Group of People

Dr. Simi Dolls Are Made by an Amazing Group of People belatina latine
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This past summer, Dr. Simi, a stuffed toy created in Mexico, has been present in many concerts and other events. People even dress them up. So many are fascinated by them, especially on Tik Tok. 

Who is Dr. Simi?

Dr. Simi derives from the popular chain of drugstores in Mexico, Farmacias Similares. For years, there have been polarized opinions about these drugstores – which have thousands of locations throughout Latin America – because of their business model.

Farmacias Similares, for the most part, serve Mexico’s low-income sector. They market themselves as offering the same services and products, but cheaper. Due to the drugstores’ access to the public health system, they aim to help the often underserved. Each drugstore counts with medical clinics adjacent to each store, where each visit has a minimal charge per patient. This gives Farmacias Similares unique leverage on Mexico’s public health system and its pharmaceutical industry. 

Though it is unclear where Dr. Simi’s popularity came from, there is a real person behind the drugstore’s mascot. This person is Víctor González Torres, a Mexican pharmaceutical businessman, and politician – though he doesn’t wear the doll’s iconic, bushy mustache. 

Why are these stuffed dolls truly special?

Well, they are made with recycled materials in Puebla by Cinia, a textile company that employs people with disabilities. 

These stuffed characters have been made by people with intellectual, motor, hearing, and sensory disabilities for the past 17 years. The dolls are all made by hand. One hundred percent of the profits of CINIA are used to continue to support people with disabilites. 

As the demand for Dr. Simi’s dolls grows, so does the opportunity to employ more people. So, let’s continue to share these Dr. Simi’s at our favorite events. Someone even left the late Queen Elizabeth II a Dr. Simi all the way in the UK, so this phenomenon is already international. 

Dr. Simi dolls can now be purchased online. 

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