El Mencho’s Alleged Ex Partner Rosalinda González Valencia Sentenced: A Look into Mexico’s Narco World 

El Mencho's Alleged Ex Partner Rosalinda González Valencia Sentenced: A Look into Mexico's Narco World 

Rosalinda González Valencia, known as “la Jefa” in the narco world, faced a recent sentence of five years in a Mexican prison. This verdict came after a judge in Morelos found her guilty of concealing financial transactions related to a car wash business she owned in Puerto Vallarta between 2015 and 2016. The charges, however, did not link her directly to organized crime or the money laundering accusations initially leveled against her. 

Her lawyer, Víctor Francisco Beltrán García, said that the prosecution failed to establish her connection to criminal groups, demonstrate illegal financial operations, prove money laundering, or showcase manipulation of her bank accounts. According to Infobae, González Valencia’s legal team is appealing her sentence, contesting that she was accused of money laundering and not concealing financial transactions. 

Behind the Life of Rosalinda González Valencia

While there’s uncertainty about her relationship status with Nemesio “El Mencho” Oseguera-Cervantes, the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), it is suggested that she might no longer be romantically linked to him. El Mencho has been on the DEA’s most-wanted list for years. Born in Michoacán, González Valencia’s roots in the world of drugs and crime seem to predate her association with El Mencho. 

Her family background reveals deep connections to criminal activities. Her brother, Abigael Gonzalez Valencia, reportedly founded Los Cuinis, an organized crime group allied with the CJNG. Moreover, her family’s involvement in drug trafficking goes back to the Milenio Cartel, a precursor to the CJNG. These connections, combined with her past legal encounters, paint a vivid picture of her ties to the underworld. 

As per VICE, this isn’t González Valencia’s first brush with the law. In 2018, she faced money laundering charges and was briefly detained before being released on bail. However, the outcome of those charges remains unclear. 

Rosalinda González Valencia isn’t the only member of El Mencho’s family feeling the heat from law enforcement. Her son, Rubén Oseguera González (El Menchito), is facing drug charges in the U.S. and is awaiting trial next year. Even El Mencho’s daughter, Jessica Oseguera, alias “La Negra,” served a 30-month sentence in the U.S. for her ties to her father’s cartel before being released last year. 

González Valencia’s history and connections to one of Mexico’s most feared criminal groups continue to captivate and stir the ever-evolving landscape of the country’s crime. 

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