Families Not Related to Maluma Claim They Couldn’t Access Medical Services in Colombian Hospital Due to the Artist’s Alleged Security Restrictions Around His Daughter’s Birth 

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Credit: Teca Lamboglia from São Paulo, Brasil - Maluma - Espaço das Américas

The birth of Paris, Maluma’s firstborn child, has finally arrived after months of anticipation since Maluma and his partner, Susana Gómez, announced they were expecting. 

Always adamant that Paris would be born in Medellín, Colombia, Maluma’s wish was fulfilled this past Saturday at the El Rosario Clinic in El Poblado — one of the most coveted neighborhoods in Medellín. A day later, the “Borro Cassette” singer took to his Instagram account to share a heartfelt message for his daughter and partner, expressing that the greatest dream of his life had come true.  

“On March 9th at 8:23 a.m., the love of our lives Paris Londoño Gómez was born. Thank you all for your messages of congratulations and good wishes. Susana… Love: Thank you for fulfilling my greatest dream of being a father, I will never forget that moment. I love you both,” wrote the artist in Spanish. 

However, amid the celebration, complaints arose from some users who were present at the hospital on Saturday, alleging that Maluma’s security team had restricted access to certain areas of the medical center due to the birth. The situation quickly ignited controversy on social media, with opinions divided between those sympathizing with the complaining users and others defending Maluma. 

In response to the backlash, the El Rosario Clinic issued a statement, explaining their stance on the matter. They emphasized their longstanding focus on the “mother-child pair,” stressing their commitment to professional care based on human values and respect. While not directly addressing the specific complaints, the clinic defended its protocols, stating its responsibility to guarantee safe processes from the start of care. 

Hospital Protects Itself (and Maluma) by Citing ‘Mother-Child Pair’ as the Reasoning Behind the Restrictions

As the controversy unfolded, concerns arose about the potential impact on families seeking access to medical services. However, the clinic reassured the public that they do not close services or restrict access to families, emphasizing the importance of adhering to medical and control personnel’s instructions. 

“We understand that the needs of our patients and their families are a general priority for all. Our biosecurity and control protocols for our patients guarantee important measures, prioritizing the well-being of mothers and their children, responsibly allowing processes aligned with their families’ expectations,” an excerpt of the statement read. 

Let’s hope this is all true because it would be devastating to know that family members couldn’t get near their babies because of a celebrity’s capricho. 

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