Inspired By a Bible Verse, Karol G Stuns Fans with Her Unparalleled Talent in ‘S91’ Release

Inspired By a Bible Verse, Karol G Stuns Fans with Her Unparalleled Talent in ‘S91’ Release
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Karol G is back with a bang, captivating fans once again with her latest single and video release, “S91”. The song, which is a direct reference to the Christian Bible’s verse from Psalm 91, is sure to dominate the charts. In fact, in less than 24 hours, the song is already trending on YouTube, and it has garnered over three million views.  

According to Billboard, the music video for “S91” was directed by the renowned filmmaker Pedro Artola, which perfectly complements the energetic nature of the song. Though the visuals give off a similar vibe as “WHERE SHE GOES” by Bad Bunny, Karol G, and her creative team were able to provide a twist of their own. From the presence of animation to a large cross formed with speakers, it is evident that La Bichota was intentional with the aesthetics of this video.  

Beyond the intentionality of this video, she also took to her social media the day before to share the moment she allowed her mom to listen to “S91.” Her mom became emotional as she realized that Psalm 91 was the inspiration behind her daughter’s latest single.  


Este video es especial por varias razones … 1. No hay sentimiento más lindo para mi que saber que mi familia se siente orgullosa de mi y que mi música les pueda causar reacciones así. 2. Mi mamá nos llevo al colegio toda la vida y nos enseño el Salmo 91 para rezarlo después de salir de casa todos los dias por la mañana (decía que eran palabras sagradas de protección), cuando vió que algo que me enseñó desde pequeñita lo había incluido en la canción, las lágrimas no se hicieron esperar. 3. Vivo agradecida con Dios y con la vida por darme una familia que me apoya, que ha creído en mi desde el primer momento y que hoy siguen conmigo, celebrando juntos tantas cosas bonitas que nos pasan. Crean en sus hijos, en su familia, en sus amigos, esa es la motivación más grande y el ingrediente más importante para el éxito de cualquier sueño❤️‍🔥 S91 tiene un mensaje de celebración, de orgullo, de amor, de superación, de invitación … tantos sentimientos bonitos … solo quiero que lo vean ya. Pdta: Ella me dejo subir el video después de todo🤍 te amo ma, te amo pa … GRACIAS A TODOS POR HACER PARTE DE ESTO!!!! ✨ pdta2: El video y la cancion son el anuncio de algo que les prepare a todos 🖤 MSB.BS 🦈

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‘S91’ Talks About a Bichota Season

If you haven’t watched the video, you’ll notice that there are, what we assume, to be some hidden messages. One of the most striking ones was the presence of the phrase, “Bichota Season,” as it was propped in different parts of the video.  

Some are already speculating that there is a new Karol G chapter coming or that even more music is en route. For those of us who have been following her trajectory since the beginning, we all know how much this Colombian artist loves to surprise her fanbase. For now, we can only wait and see what she has in store for us.  

As the music video continues to gain millions of views and the song dominates streaming platforms, Karol G’s star power shines brighter than ever. Her unique sound and powerful lyrics solidify her position as one of the most influential and talented Latin artists of our time. 

Have you heard “S91” already? 

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