Interview of JLo Criticizing Salma Hayek Resurfaces AGAIN – And People Are Not Happy About It 

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People are starting to coin a new nickname for Jennifer Lopez, and it’s not exactly flattering. Dubbed “J-lulu,” it’s a play on the Gen Z term “delulu,” which essentially means “delusional.” This nickname comes amidst criticism of JLo’s recent behavior, with many accusing her of giving off mean girl vibes. 

Adding fuel to the fire are her latest projects – an album, a documentary detailing her love story with Ben Affleck, and an ongoing tour – all of which seem to be flopping. In fact, her album’s debut on Spotify marked a historic low for popular artists in recent years. As if that weren’t enough, her self-funded movie, costing a hefty $20 million, isn’t yielding the returns she hoped for. But the drama doesn’t stop there. A decades-old interview with Movieline Magazine from 1998 has resurfaced, sparking outrage over JLo’s comments about fellow actresses.  

JLo Criticizing Other Women Is Not Very ‘Bronx’ of Her

In the interview, JLo didn’t hold back her opinions on Latina actresses Salma Hayek and Cameron Diaz as well as on Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, and Madonna. 


This is a quote from Jennifer Lopez in 1998 for an article in Movieline magazine, in which she makes it painfully obvious that she is no Salma Hayek, and she never would be. #jenniferlopez#jlo#smacktalk#salmahayek

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One of the most criticized remarks was directed at Cameron Diaz, whom JLo dismissed as a “lucky model” who failed to make the most of her opportunities in acting. Despite acknowledging Diaz’s beauty and presence, she seemed unimpressed with her performance in “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” 

Salma Hayek didn’t escape JLo’s critique either. According to the singer-actress, they inhabit “two different realms” in the acting world, with Hayek confined to roles as a “sexy bombshell.” JLo also cast doubt on Hayek’s claim of being offered the role of Selena, suggesting it was a publicity stunt.  

As for Gwyneth Paltrow, JLo admitted to not remembering anything she had been in and implied that her fame was more due to her relationship with Brad Pitt than her acting talent. Ironically, Paltrow went on to win an Academy Award for Best Actress just a year later. 

And when it came to Madonna, JLo didn’t mince her words either. She questioned Madonna’s credentials as an actress and expressed skepticism towards anyone who claimed to be an actor, asserting that acting was her domain. 

With her past comments coming back to haunt her and her recent projects facing criticism, it seems like JLo is in hot water on multiple fronts. Whether she’ll be able to weather the storm and bounce back remains to be seen. 

Maybe she needs to consult the Bronx about how to navigate this situation.  

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