Karol G is Giving Back to Her Hometown By Organizing a Lollapalooza-Style Festival for Medellín

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Credit: Instagram/@karolg

After a short hiatus, Karol G came back with an album that spoke to many people. From her song “Mientras me curo del cora” to “Pero tú,” she created multiple anthems for her fanbase. So, it was no surprise that her Mañana Será Bonito tour in the United States did as well as it did. After all, it gave her fans the opportunity to tap into their inner Bichota – and a lot of people committed to this persona.  

Her U.S. tour had a good run, but it recently came to an end. As she wrapped up her U.S. tour, however, the original Bichota revealed that she was heading to Latin America. Though there are plenty of dates in her Latin American leg of her tour, Medellín stood out the most. 

Medellín, Colombia is Karol G’s hometown – and she’s ready to redefine the city’s entertainment scene with the Mañana Sera Bonito Fest. In an attempt to show love to the city of eternal spring, Karol G is curating an event that promises to bring the dynamic energy of Lollapalooza right to the heart of Medellín. 

Karol G expressed her excitement to be able to do this for her hometown to El Colombia, one of Colombia’s most-known newspapers. She stated how important it was for her to be in front of her audience, in her home, in Medellín. She also mentioned how this was a way to thank the followers who have supported her throughout her entire career.  

About the ‘Mañana Sera Bonito Fest’

Karol G’s brainchild, the “Mañana Sera Bonito Fest,” is set to be a game-changer. Inspired by legendary festivals, this event transcends boundaries. It’s more than a concert; it’s a celebration of Medellín’s rich cultural heritage through music and dance. The festival will be open all day and will include activities, food, and so much more. Karol G and her team strategically slated the festival for December 1st in order to align it as a magical Holiday celebration. Against the backdrop of the holiday season, this concert promises a heartwarming fusion of music and joy, encapsulating the true spirit of Medellín’s holiday spirit. 

Seeing her show up this much for her hometown is heartwarming. It is evident that she has not forgotten her roots or her people.  As the anticipation builds, Karol G’s message resonates clearly: Medellín, brace yourselves for a musical revolution! 

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