This Latino Owns Over 200 Barbie Dolls – And It Highlights the Evolution of Fashion and Pop Culture

This Latino Owns Over 200 Barbie Dolls – And It Highlights the Evolution of Fashion and Pop Culture

Dr. Paul Sebastian Juarez, a Mexican surgeon, proudly showcases his extraordinary collection of over 200 Barbie dolls. This impressive assortment reflects Dr. Juarez’s passion for these iconic dolls. 

Dr. Juarez has cultivated a unique hobby that sets him apart from his peers. Over the years, he has dedicated his time and effort to curating an extensive and diverse collection of Barbie dolls, capturing the evolution and cultural significance of this beloved toy. 


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His interest in collecting these dolls began over two decades ago when he was fighting off cholera. As reported by La Prensa Latina, he recalls feeling sad because he didn’t own a Barbie doll – and this was always one of his dreams. However, that quickly changed when he was gifted his very first Barbie for Three Kings Day as he was recovering from his illness.  

Now, he showcases a wide range of Barbie dolls, including vintage editions, limited editions, and dolls representing various professions and cultural backgrounds. Each doll tells a story, representing a moment in time or embodying an iconic character. 

“It’s something that makes me very happy, honestly happy, to be able to touch them, comb their hair, changes their clothes, photograph them,” Juarez told EFE. 

This Is His Barbie World

The commitment and dedication that Dr. Juarez has poured into his collection is evident in the meticulously displayed dolls. Every doll is carefully preserved, with their outfits, accessories, and packaging meticulously maintained. Dr. Juarez’s collection has become a source of joy and admiration for both Barbie enthusiasts and those who appreciate the cultural significance of these dolls. Some of his dolls also carry a nice price tag. For instance, he owns the Queen Elizabeth II Barbie, which is worth over $2,000 dollars.  

Dr. Paul Sebastian Juarez’s collection of over 200 Barbie dolls is a testament to his love for this timeless toy and his appreciation for its impact on popular culture. Through his collection, he not only showcases the beauty and diversity of the brand but also provides a glimpse into the evolving world of Mattel.  

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