Meet Nurse Georgie, an Entrepreneur Who Wants To Show Latinas That ‘We Can Do Both’

Nurse Georgie She Can Do Both BELatina Latinx
Image courtesy of Instagram/Nurse Georgie.

Until very recently, we women were used to being told we had to be one thing, look a certain way, act a certain way, and fit into a tiny box that defined who we were.

Thankfully, those days are over.

We have now proudly said “screw that” and have decided to be anything and everything we want to be. Women can be and do whatever the hell they want. We can be mother and CEO, athlete and intellectual, wife and doctor, student and mother, nurse and entrepreneur. 

Just ask Georgina Villarreal MSN, RN – aka Nurse Georgie – a nurse and CEO of She Can Be Both, a media company and online community on a mission to empower women and Latinas with stories about women thriving in multiple roles and careers. After all, why can’t women do it all? Why shouldn’t they be able to excel in various roles simultaneously without guilt or judgment? 

Embracing All Our Roles

Nowadays, women are not only allowed to be multi-faceted but are even encouraged to embrace multiple sides of who they are and what they are passionate about. 

It’s certainly not easy, and we’d be lying if we said everyone accepts a woman with various roles, passions, and sources of success and fulfillment. However, it’s every woman’s right and responsibility to herself and others to embrace all parts of her personality that fill her up. 

Nurse Georgie is determined to ensure that women feel empowered and inspired to do just that. Her social presence is exactly what women and Latinas need to accept all the parts of who they are, pursue those passions, and find success in more than one role.

Nurse Georgie’s wise words, vulnerable stories, entertaining Instagram posts, and supportive shares highlight the genuine struggles women experience as they try to do it all. 

Through “She Can Be Both,” this Latina is empowering women to be fearless in acknowledging that “we are not defined by one thing, but many.” Women can be and should be multifaceted and inspiring, and unapologetic about that duality. “It’s time to embrace being both professional and sexy, confident and humble, empowered and vulnerable, and unapologetically ourselves.”

The powerful stories and words shared by Nurse Georgie and her community of influential, accomplished women will make you feel more supported in your dual roles. And isn’t that what we all deserve? To have support from other women who have been there before? 

An ever-growing community 

But Nurse Georgie wasn’t always so secure in her duality. As she explains on her website, like many stories of greatness, it began over brunch with girlfriends. 

While sitting alongside other strong, successful, confident, and smart women who worked in healthcare fields, Georgina realized that they all were simultaneously balancing side hustles that they did not share. One friend was a model and a registered nurse who was embarrassed to share her bikini photos online for fear of being judged as “less qualified” a practitioner. They collectively began to wonder why women are not celebrated for their multiple roles and careers, so She Can Be Both was born. 

The next day Georgina started posting with the hashtag #SheCanBeBoth when showcasing photos and stories of women inspired by the mission, who were more than just one job or role. The hashtag quickly began to trend on social media, with 10,000+ women from around the world posting side-by-side pictures of themselves in different uniforms and roles, in solidarity with the message. 

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Clearly, there was something behind this concept that women can and should be more than one thing – women can identify as both business professionals and mothers, healthcare professionals and small business owners, lawyers and artists, CEOs and models, etc. 

Seeing other women share the different parts of themselves on social media spurred a community that helps women realize they’re not alone. Just glance through Georgie’s Instagram posts, and you’ll see that she shares all parts of who she is.

She blends her best advice as a registered nurse with fitness inspiration, self-care tips, and an inside look at life as a travel nurse, her adventures, and her mission to lift other women up. And her 33,000 (and growing!) followers are eager to share this journey.

She Can Be Both is a collaborative and supportive online environment, and Nurse Georgie’s social presence is helping raise visibility for women who want to do it all but who might feel insecure or uninspired about being more than one thing. 

The online community works as both a hub to share stories and a community for feeling supported and empowered. Participants register to create an account and then submit their stories, photos, inspiring messages, and best advice about who they are and how they succeed in multiple roles. They may then be nominated to be featured or can apply for a blog, photo, video, or podcast feature on the website. Once you submit your story, the She Can Be Both team reviews your submission and follows up with you about showcasing your story.

Historically, the community has been heavily featuring healthcare professionals, but She Can Be Both is by no means exclusive to that field. They are on a mission to include every career and community possible, knowing that women excel across professions and roles. 

She Can Be Both and Nurse Georgie are here to help women embrace all the sides of who they are and all the roles that make them feel fulfilled and confident, and we are here for it.

Nurse Georgie and She Can Be Both are the Instagram follow you never knew you needed. They will leave you ready to tackle your day, your career(s), your many responsibilities, and the different aspects that make you, you. Because you can be both, and it’s about time we celebrate that.

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