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Joyce Giraud Puerto Rico BELatina

Meet Joyce Giraud: The Philanthropic Entrepreneurial Mom with Equal Parts Beauty and Brains

If you stumble upon a photo of Joyce Giraud, your first impression will most likely be awe. She is gorgeous. And accomplished. And did...
James Charles Tati Westbrook Jeffree Star

From Racist ‘Jokes’ to Low Quality Makeup: Beauty Influencers Biggest Scandals

YouTube has become a reality show network for the beauty community. After gaining an abysmal popularity, some beauty influencers have not only served looks;...

Latinx Beauty Brands and the Women Behind Them

BIG Business in Beauty It’s no secret that beauty products are a big business. And now more than ever, several of the beauty brands you...
Patty Arvielo and Sonia Guzman: The Latina Leaders Breaking Barriers in Business

Patty Arvielo and Sonia Guzman: The Latina Leaders Breaking Barriers in Business

Have you heard about Carson Life? Well, if you haven’t, we’ve got you covered.   For starters, Carson Life is a company that focuses on...
Sandra Velásquez Nopalera BELatina Latinx

This Chicana CEO Redefines Corporate Success With Her Brand, Nopalera

Sandra Velásquez always thought her destiny was on a stage with a band and a microphone. But life would show her that her mission...
Latinas to follow BELatina Latinx

10 Badass Latinas You Should Follow

At BELatina, we celebrate women all year long. We are proud to elevate the voices of those who blaze trails, inspire, and empower. And...
Bomba Curls BeLatina Latinx

Meet Bomba Curls, The Afro-Latinx-Owned Label Fighting for Inclusivity

At a time when the fight for racial equality and against systemic racism has become the highlight of 2020, it's time to take a...
BELatina Rizos Curl Target

Curly Queens Rejoice! Rizos Curls Makes Its Target Debut

Rizos Curls, aka the must-have haircare products for curly queens with unruly tresses, is finally available to the masses. And let us all say...
Exercise Smiling BELatina

Say Cheese: 7 Reasons Science Wants You to Smile

A little optimism can go a long way. Whether you tend to smile from ear to ear or you opt for a more subdued...

Please Explain to Me Why I Have to Look Unrealistically Perfect at Work

It’s six am and you’ve slept for four hours. You have an 8 am meeting, an hour commute and you still need to put...
Julissa Prado Rizos Curls

Meet Julissa Prado: The Girl with the Cult Following World of Curls

If you have unruly curls, hair with a mind of its own, and stubborn strands that literally don’t listen or respond to your best...
Elsa Navarro CBD Kuida BeLatina

Meet Elsa Navarro: Colombiana and CBD Cosmetics Guru

The growing business of Cannabidiol (CBD) in the beauty industry is to date, a multimillion dollar trade that year after year grows and expands...