Peso Pluma Triumphs Over Controversy and Secures Spot at the Viña del Mar Music Festival 

Peso Pluma Triumphs Over Controversy and Secures Spot at the Viña del Mar Music Festival 
Credit: Instagram/ Screenshot/ @PesoPluma

Great news for Peso Pluma fans!  

The Mexican artist will be able to grace the stage at the 2024 Viña del Mar International Festival, confirming his participation through an official press release from festival organizers. The confirmation comes after a week of controversy sparked by concerns from some event members regarding the messaging in Peso Pluma’s music. 

The storm began with a letter penned by René Lues, a Viña del Mar council member, where he addressed Viña Mayor Macarena Ripamonti Serrano. Lues expressed reservations about Peso Pluma’s scheduled performance, emphasizing his concerns about the explicit glorification of violence, organized crime, corruption, and drug-related themes in the artist’s lyrics. Lues argued that this narrative, often associated with narcoculture, sets a harmful example for young audiences. 

“El narcotráfico es la mayor tragedia que tenemos en Chile y en Viña del Mar, y generador de todas las formas de delincuencia que hoy agobia a nuestro país y a nuestra ciudad,” René Lues said. 

(Translated to English) 

“The drug trafficking is the greatest tragedy we have in Chile and in Viña del Mar, and the generator of all the forms of crime that today afflict our country and our city.” 

Peso Pluma Will Not Be Censored at the Viña del Mar International Festival

However, the festival organizers responded, putting an end to any speculation about Peso Pluma’s exclusion. As reported by Billboard, the press release asserted, “Following the controversy generated about Peso Pluma’s participation in the upcoming edition of the festival, organizers of Viña del Mar International Festival state the festival will not censure or discriminate.” 

They further clarified their stance, emphasizing that the Viña del Mar International Festival celebrates the diversity of all artists who grace its stage, recognizing the universal nature of music that encapsulates various realities. 

In the released statement, festival organizers highlighted Peso Pluma’s recent accomplishments, including winning the prestigious Artist of the Year award at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in October.  

“Viña del Mar also recognizes new musical genres and is expecting a successful close to its six nights where music and talent from different artists will continue to be the pillar of the biggest Latin music festival in the world,” the statement added. 

The Viña del Mar International Festival, renowned as the longest-running Spanish-speaking festival globally, will unfold from February 25 to March 1 in Viña del Mar, Chile. Peso Pluma is set to take the stage as the festival’s closing act, promising an exciting conclusion to this iconic celebration of Latin music. 

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