Piqué is Gaslighting Shakira Publicly and Claiming He’s ‘Disappointed’ in Her

Piqué is Gaslighting Shakira Publicly and Claiming He's 'Disappointed' in Her
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It’s safe to say that Gerard Piqué is not a self-aware king. After publicly cheating on one of the greatest stars in the world, Shakira, he’s demanding more from her.  

In a recent interview with Spanish journalist, Gerard Romero, Piqué revealed his frustration around all the “beef” Shakira is sending his way. The former soccer player got candid about the situation in Romero’s online program titled “Jijantes.” 

When the topic of Shakira came up, Piqué said that he didn’t want to get too into it because it was personal. He did say that the deal with “beef” or dissing someone is what’s trending.  

“But [they] don’t think about the consequences of the person they diss,” he added.  

He, of course, was referring to his ex’s relentless exposure of the dissolution of their relationship, which details his infidelity among other things. Her pain and anger are heard in the last four songs she’s released. The feelings his betrayal has left behind are seen in her actions as if she’s trying to level the playing ground. Yet, being disillusioned by the person you most loved is a hard pill to swallow.  

What the world is seeing is a woman mourning the loss of her family, her heart’s safe haven, and the life she had cultivated with who she thought was her happily ever after. She’s not the first one to feel these emotions. The difference between her and regular folk is that she is a superstar. 

Mental health is a key factor in any relationship

Yet, Piqué is challenging how she heals. 

“It looks great in a personal capacity, she’s a tough bitch, but then we don’t think about the other person,” he told Romero. “What has to happen? That someone commits suicide so we can then say, ‘Oh, we’ve crossed the line?’” 

Though no one wants anyone to have their mental health impacted, Piqué is portraying an apparent scenario of gaslighting.  

According to Healthline, gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse and manipulation. This happens when an abuser or bully makes you question your beliefs and perception of reality. 

From the limited information the public is fed (there may be more to the story behind closed doors), Piqué is positioning himself and his new love interest, Clara Chia, as the victims of this entire situation. Now, he’s claiming that this situation can be affecting Chia’s mental health. But does he not realize that infidelity can also be detrimental to people’s mental health?  

Here’s the thing: What Piqué and Shakira are going through is complicated. And there’s no right or wrong way to go about it because everyone has a different healing process. However, it doesn’t take away from the fact that accountability needs to be taken from all parties involved.  

Later in the interview, Piqué mentions that he’s disappointed in his ex, which has left social media in an uproar. 

How does that Spanish-language phrase go? 

El burro hablando de orejas.” 

Meanwhile, Shakira left to start a new life in Miami over the weekend and bid her farewell to Barcelona.   

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