BELavoz: A Young Puerto Rican Expresses His Experience with This Global Crisis

belavoz orlando Belatina

As you may already know, BELavoz is a video series that shines a light on how people are coping with  Covid-19. More specifically, how underrepresented groups, such as the Latinx and LGBTQI+ community, are dealing with this crisis. It is important to surface  these stories because it lets others know that they aren’t alone. One way or another, many of us are holding on to each other, whether virtual or not, cheering each other on. There is an end to this tunnel. Patience and support will get us there. 

In this episode of BELavoz, we meet an employee from a local business in Puerto Rico. He lets us into his reality, one that many are living in other places in the world.  

Watch his story. Listen to his voice. Understand what is truly happening through BELavoz.

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