9 Afro Latinx Podcasts to Add to Your Queue

Afro Latinx Podcast Que BELatina
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Podcasts are a great way to expand your world and learn about different cultures, topics, and points of view. Afro Latinx podcasters are adding their voices to the diversifying landscape of podcasting. Through discussing race, immigration, sex, love, and mental health, Afro Latinx people are making their voices heard! 

All of the podcasts on this list are hosted by at least one Afro Latinx person. Afro Latinx diversity in podcasting — and all forms of media — is the Latino representation all Latinos need. Add these podcasts to your listening list today and continue to support diverse Latino representation in the media. 

Chombita Chronicles 

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Primicias🚨🚨🚨🚨mi gente Fabuloosaaaah!! Y seguimos haciendo historia y todavía más para el gran lanzamiento oficial de @chombita_chronicles. . . . Ahí! Sacándole provecho y agradecida con la vida por esta gran oportunidad de hacer mejoras por aquí y hacer mejoras por allá. . . . 🙏🏽 Sepan ante todo – Mis respectos en este momentos seas tu o algún miembro cercano a ti se encuentre pasando o afectado por COVID-19. De verdad mil respectos, empatía y paz! Salud y bienestar ante todo 🙏🏽🌻 . . Mi espacio y podcast es para elevar tus espíritus y crear armonía través de mis pensamientos y vivencias como una Afrolatina ex-corporativa aquí en Los Ángeles. . . . Esta intro/jingle fue creado por mi y producido por esta su anfitriona podcaster y productora ejecutiva @chombita_chronicles y @yovy_d todas bajo mi agencia Alkiria Media Branding Consulting . . . #alkiriamedia #podcastespañol #podcastersofinstagram #voces #ejecutiva #tvejecutiva #innovacer #renacer #renovarse #cambiospositivos #negocios #afrolatinx #negocios #empresarios #locutora #locutora #locutoraafrolatina #hoy #espectaculo #prince #contenido #español #afrolatinxpodcasts #podcastafrolatina

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Afro Panamanian Yovy D’s podcast Chombita Chronicles is a Spanish-language podcast that discusses life, race, and the ways in which the world is changing how it talks about identity. 

Radio Cana Negra 

Three Afro Latinas —one Garifuna, Evelyn Alvarez, and two Panamanians, Dash Harris and Janvieve Williams Comrie —host this podcast where they deliver sharp and hilarious commentary and critical analysis on a range of topics, from navigating conversations about Afro Latinx identity with prejudiced people to money and generational trauma. One of the hosts behind the podcast is the founder of Afro Latino Travel

Negra Como Yo 

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Mayo es el mes de la herencia africana y en muchos países de Latinoamérica celebran la africanidad. Es por ello que dedicaré todas las entrevistas de este mes a fomentar la identidad afrolatina. Empezamos esta celebración con mi país, el invitado es Dalay Urbina (@SoyDalaiUrbina), abogado, internacionalista y activista por la negritud venezolana. Estuvimos conversando de TODO, desde los clichés más conocidos hasta abrir la conversación con respecto al racismo. Dalay Urbina recuerda seguirlo en @SoyDalaiUrbina Puedes escucharlo buscando “Negra Como Yo”: YOUTUBE SPOTIFY IVOOX ANCHOR APPLEPODCAST ¡LINK EN LA BIO! #NegraComoYo #Venezuela #AmorPropio #SelfLove #SelfCare #Negritud #Afrolatina #Afrolatino

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From Venezuela, Gisette Rosas hosts this podcast that welcomes a number of guests to discuss their work and how race in their communities or countries affects them. Rosas hopes to inspire people to be proud of being Black Latino.

Loose Accents 


Described as “an immigrant podcast for the pressed and unbothered,” Loose Accents is hosted by Undocubae and Danyeli. The podcast’s two seasons have episodes that discuss music, immigration, LGBTQIA Latinx people, and the personal motivations and aspirations of both hosts.  

Undocumented Black Girl

Denea Joseph is an undocumented Black DACA recipient and national immigrant rights, activist. Joseph immigrated from Belize to the United States when she was 7 years old and often speaks about her experience as an undocumented Black Latina. The Undocumented Black Girl podcast offers a much-needed voice in conversations about immigration and race.

Bag Ladiez

Lina and Estephanie and are two Dominican Afro-Latinx podcasters. Bag Ladiez is a podcast about BAGGAGE: yours, mine, and ours. “Through the podcast, our goal is to help ourselves and our listeners by pushing ourselves to be vulnerable about the way that the world affects us and our ability to live our truest, most authentic lives.”

Ladies Who Bronché


Bronx natives Julissa and SkittleZ host this hilarious and savvy podcast which recently launched its fourth season! These two have been working together and delivering culturally competent content since 2012 when they released the hilarious viral video sensation, Shit Spanish Girls Say. 

El Salon Chronicles


El Salon Chronicles is a podcast based on the lives and experiences of five Dominican American women from New York. The group of women was inspired while on a girl’s trip to extend the conversations to others, kind of like taking “salon” talk to the masses.  

Get Fit with Massi

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Self/described weight loss coach, fitness educator, and the founder of The ConFITence Blueprint, Masiel is an Afro-Latina helping busy, ambitious women of color feel great without limiting their diets.