Que Orgullo: Shakira’s Son, Milan, Makes His Debut as a Drummer 

Que Orgullo: Shakira’s Son, Milan, Makes His Debut as a Drummer 
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Shakira is not the only one who holds talent in her family – her sons are also as talented. In fact, lately, her son, Milan, has been making rounds in the spotlight.  

After captivating audiences with his drumming debut, Shakira’s eldest son has become the talk of social media. Eleven-year-old Milan showcased his musical talents during a rock band performance at the Hard Rock Café in Miami, Florida — and he’s shocked many people with his talent.  

In a video that’s circulating social media, Shakira can be seen embracing her son with tears of pride streaming down her face as he received thunderous applause from the crowd. This marked Milan’s first public musical performance, although he’s no stranger to showcasing his artistic flair. According to Shakira, Milan previously played the piano for the song “Acróstico,” where his younger brother Sasha, aged 9, also made an appearance.  

“Acróstico” was released on May 15th last year, and since then, the children have accompanied Shakira to various events, including the recent Premios Juventud and the MTV VMAs.  

Milan Influences His Mom, Shakira

Milan was also the one who told Shakira about Bizarrap, which led her to create one of the most empowering hits in recent years. It seems like these kids will be alright, despite having to deal with a father who publicly humiliated their mother. 

Regardless of how sticky the situation is, Shakira’s kids have talent running from both sides, so there’s no denying that they are destined for greatness.  

Milan is making his first wave as an artist. Let’s see what the future holds for him. With his impressive drumming skills, it’s evident that talent runs deep in the family. 

If you haven’t seen his performance, find it below. It is as amazing as you can imagine. 


Will you be supporting Shakira’s kids? We hope you do.  

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