Meet Xavi, the 19-Year-Old Regional Music Artist Leading Spotify’s Top 50 Global Chart 

Meet Xavi, the 19-Year-Old Regional Music Artist Leading Spotify's Top 50 Global Chart 
Credit: Instagram/ @xaviiiofficiall

Regional Mexican music continues to move up! From Peso Pluma to Fuerza Regida, this genre is making waves – and we are here for it! Now, there’s a new kid on the block ready to join the powerful Regional Mexican music movement.  

Meet Xavi, the 19-year-old Mexican American singer-songwriter, born Joshua Xavier Gutierrez, who is currently reigning supreme on Spotify’s Top 50 Global, clinching the number one spot at the moment.  

Xavi’s surge to the top is attributed to the success of his unaccompanied solo singles, “La Diabla” and “La Victima.” 

“La Diabla” has also made it to the Billboard charts. According to Billboard, the track soared from number 62 to number 34 on the Hot 100, drawing a staggering 12.7 million on-demand U.S. streams in the first fully post-Christmas week of the year. Meanwhile, “La Victima” made an impressive leap from 79 to 55. Both tracks have made significant strides on global charts too, with “La Diabla” securing the number two position on the Billboard Global Excl. U.S. ranking and number four on the Billboard Global 200. 

Notably, Xavi’s success mirrors the electric surge of Peso Pluma, a fellow regional Mexican star who dominated global charts last year. The Mexican music scene is going hard, with artists like Xavi contributing to its rapid growth. 

Mexican music has recently emerged as a trendsetter, transcending linguistic and social barriers. Now, the rising star Xavi is playing a pivotal role in this transformation.  

The Future Looks Good for Xavi

Xavi’s journey began as a teenager with the release of his debut single “Vete Ya” in 2020, fusing reggaeton with pop elements. Currently signed with Interscope, one of the world’s leading music labels, he stands as a key figure in global Spanish-language music, symbolizing the new wave of Mexican artists. 

The young artist has undeniably propelled Mexican music to new heights on the global stage. 

Are you vibing with Xavi as much as we are? We hope you are.  

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