Exclusive Q&A with Karol G’s Foundation, Con Cora, About Their Latest Initiative to Support Vulnerable Women, ‘Mujer Segura’

Exclusive Q&A with Karol G’s Foundation, Con Cora, About Their Latest Initiative to Support Vulnerable Women, ‘Mujer Segura’
Credit: Con Cora

It is evident that Karol G, also known as Carolina Giraldo Navarro, understands the power of her platform. This is why she founded the Con Cora Foundation.  

The Con Cora Foundation was created to support women in vulnerable conditions as Karol G continues her commitment to social work and doing things for the greater good. Through this foundation, which is led by an incredible team of Latinas, many women and girls have received support that allows them to feel empowered.  

Now, the Con Cora Foundation is yet again staying true to its heart with its groundbreaking “Mujer Segura” (Safe Woman) initiative. This initiative aims to provide support and raise awareness about gender-based violence, creating safe spaces for fans during concerts and beyond.  

To learn more about “Mujer Segura,” BELatina recently had the privilege of sitting down with the ever-impactful Valentina Bueno Marín, the Executive Director of Con Cora Foundation, to dive into the inspiration, challenges, and successes behind this impactful campaign. 

Exclusive Q&A with Karol G’s Foundation, Con Cora, About Their Latest Initiative to Support Vulnerable Women, ‘Mujer Segura’
Credit: Con Cora

Tell us what inspired the idea behind the ‘Mujer Segura’ initiative. 

The “Mujer Segura” (Safe Woman) initiative stems from our founder, Karol G’s, desire to provide support and accompaniment to her fans during her concerts and shed light on gender-based violence. At this moment, we set out to create spaces for timely attention and awareness about this scourge, both for men and women, promoting respect and self-care. 

What have been some challenges you have faced while carrying out this initiative? 

One of the biggest challenges we face is the misinformation and normalization of gender-based violence that exists today. However, we have encountered a diverse audience that is open to learning and helping us spread the message. We infinitely thank the attendees of each show who show their interest and demonstrate that change is possible, which keeps us motivated and drives us to continue taking this campaign to more places. 

How have you achieved success with this campaign? 

The success of this campaign can be attributed to several factors: First, it stems from our founder’s dedication to the well-being of her fans and their openness to receiving information. Second, it owes much to the collaboration between the Con Cora Foundation team and Bichota Records. Third, the support from other organizations we’ve allied with in our campaign has been crucial. These organizations have provided the necessary support teams, sensitization efforts, and appropriate channels to deliver aid.  

What is the campaign strategy? 

The first step is to generate anticipation before we arrive at a location. We have a landing page (ConCoraFoundation.Org/mujer-segura) where we update information about our campaign and the types of help that will be available. 

The second step is attention and sensitization on show days. Through a “Mujer Segura” tent, we offer immediate assistance to women who feel they are in a situation of gender-based violence or vulnerability. This support is provided with guidance from a psychologist and lawyer who activates appropriate routes for assistance. 

Regarding sensitization, a traveling team moves around different external points of the venue, providing education and dialogues to inform about the attention point and gender-based violence. 

The third step is to evaluate the cases attended and the sensitization achieved during the campaign. This allows us to assess the actions’ impact and collect audience perceptions about this initiative. 

Exclusive Q&A with Karol G’s Foundation, Con Cora, About Their Latest Initiative to Support Vulnerable Women, ‘Mujer Segura’
Credit: Con Cora

What is the goal? 

Our goal is to prevent and reduce gender-based violence. We want attendees to the “Mañana Será Bonito Latam Tour” to feel supported and enjoy the show in an informed and responsible manner. 

What can followers of the Con Cora Foundation do to help support more women? 

We are constantly creating a lot of content on various social networks and our landing page, so dissemination is our greatest ally. We invite all our followers to share this content because you never know when it can make a difference. Also, I want to emphasize the importance of speaking up and being aware of alerts and alarms that indicate we or someone else is experiencing gender-based violence. 

How can women who cannot be part of this initiative feel supported? 

The Con Cora Foundation continually offers training projects, programs, and spaces for personal development. They can also find helpful resources on our digital channels. 

How can the public help the Con Cora Foundation? 

There are many ways to lend a hand. One is raising awareness of the issues around us, which is why dissemination on social media is so important to us. Another way is by making donations, which can be done through our website. 

Is there anything else you’d like to tell BELatina? 

We are delighted to announce that the next “Mujer Segura” activation will take place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on March 15th and 16th. We hope that more and more women become aware of these spaces created for them. And well, since March is the month of women’s celebration, from our hearts, we want to reinforce the message of working towards dreams. We want to remind everyone that it’s okay to dream, try, make mistakes, get back up, and keep trying. 

The Con Cora Foundation is proof of Karol G’s dedication to women. And it’s a blessing to all those involved.  

Beyond her foundation, women worldwide have found strength in her music too. From incorporating mental health messaging into her music (which is a grand effort considering how much stigma the Latino community has historically placed on mental health) to ensuring that women feel empowered, there is no denying that she is a force to be reckoned with. 

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