The Hilarious World of Boricua Gina Brillón

gina brillon comedian

Latinas finally have someone who speaks their comedic language. While we all love female comics like Margaret Cho or Amy Schumer, the Bronx born comic Gina Brillón delivers “oh my God she didn’t just say that!” material with such Boricua flair that it feels like home.  If you grew up Latina in the U.S. you can totally relate to her since she embodies the souls and voices of Latinas who sound anywhere from people like Rosie Perez to Sonia Sotomayor.

Her new comedy show Gina Brillón: Easily Offended premiered on HBO Latino in August and is currently on HBO’s digital platforms.  Though she considers herself to be a people-friendly family performer, she has said that she still manages to offend people in her audience. The show’s title pokes fun at the sensitivity epidemic going around and how the comedy world’s currently tense culture has comedians tip-toeing around possibly offensive jokes. The jokes a comedian could make ten to fifteen years ago, for instance, would not fly well with today’s easily offended audiences most comedians like Brillón believe. 

In her show, she says: “Everybody is so easily offended… God forbid you do a knock-knock joke…and someone will go, ‘I never had a door! How could you!’” In a radio interview, Brillón said: “As a performer, it’s not fair to box yourself in. And it’s not fair for people to box performers in. Especially as comedians, our job is to observe the world and then speak on it. You are saying we have to use this controlled language to speak on it and it takes away some of our rights as creatives. I may not agree with everything that is said. But I will tell you…do they [comedians] have the right to put it out there? Yeah.” 

In her show, she also dishes on how women deal with aging, dating, relationships, and even includes personal details about her own family sometimes: “My husband wants to learn Spanish so bad and I keep stopping him. Because then I won’t be able to talk about him when my parents are in the room.” She’s come a long way, baby. She’s been in the comedy circuit since the age of 17 and won NBC’s Stand up for Diversity Showcase in 2012. While she is currently killing it in the comedy world, as an actress, writer, and singer, we have a feeling this talented Latina from the Bronx is going to blow up in all directions. Bring it on, Gina. 

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