Tokischa Crossovers to Corrido with Mexican Rapper Natanael Cano

Tokischa Crossovers to Corrido with Mexican Rapper Natanael Cano Belatina latine
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Is there anything Tokischa can’t do?

The Dominican urban artist keeps pushing the envelope. This time around with a collaboration with the famed Mexican rapper, Natanael Cano. 

On November 15th, the unlikely duo released the corrido, “Kilos de Amor,” where La Toki takes a break from her dembow beats to give her fanbase a glimpse at her artistry and talent’s versatility. It’s worth mentioning that corridos have – traditionally – been men’s songs. But if we know anything about the Dominican star is that she is willing to go beyond the status quo to make a point. 

Getting to know Natanael Cano

Cano, who brought corridos to Coachella, is also an artist who loves to push boundaries. Entering the music industry at barely 18 years old, he moved to L.A. in 2019 when he signed with Rancho Humilde. There, the Hermosillo, Sonora native continued to blend his unique sound of Mexican corridos and trap music. His short career has allowed him to amass notable success. Throughout his musical journey, his artistic flow was even noticed by Bad Bunny, who sang “¡Viva México!” in Cano’s remix of “Soy El Diablo.”

Recently, Cano launched his own label – Los CT – after a public dispute with Rancho Humilde.

Celebration of ‘Kilos de Amor’

The emerging stars are being lauded by their fan bases all over social media. 

Twitter user @palomareynoso tweeted how whoever put both Tokischa and Cano together had a lot of vision in Spanish. 

Twitter user @_maledicencia_ expressed their delight with the announcement of the “Kilos de Amor” song, going as far as saying that this was their motivation to get up every day this week.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @YoNanus wrote how they didn’t know they needed this song. 

Have you listened to “Kilos de Amor” already? If not, find the video below. 

Take note of the visual symbolisms. There’s plenty within it to further how much of a work of art this collaboration is. 

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