Unforgettable Moments of Our Time in High School and How To Preserve Them

Unforgettable moments of our time in high school and how to preserve them Belatina news

Definitely, the years we spent in high school are unforgettable. We create moments and memories and build ourselves as people.

In fact, the friendships made in high school often shape much of who we are today.

However, this is also a period of life that passes in the blink of an eye. One day we meet our first best friend, and the next day we are saying goodbye to go to colleges in different parts of the country.

While many of our memories and moments are saved on our phone’s photo reel, we know that no photo looks better than an original display we can take to our new dorm rooms or our new home away from home.

We particularly like the products from MyPhoto, a photo memory company with years of experience in immortalizing moments. Their personalized, handmade products will forever transform that photo you hold so dear on your phone.

Immortalize your memories of extracurricular activities

While our academic training takes place in the classroom, extracurricular activities are what ultimately shapes us as empathetic people. 

Immortalize that play or concert in MyPhoto’s Acrylic Block Expressions. Add new depth and meaning to those special moments printed in HD directly on 1″ thick acrylic. You can buy them in various sizes and decorate the walls of your room.

Even if you never understood the rules, football games were unforgettable

Let’s be honest: we rarely followed our friends’ football games; we attended to celebrate newly made friendships and meet that special someone. These nights were among our favorites, and we’ll carry them forever in our hearts.

But what if we also stick them in our rooms?

With MyPhoto stickables, you can stick these memories in high definition anywhere you go.

Who doesn’t want to show off their prom photo?

That was the first time we truly felt like adults. We’re talking about the prom, the night we had our first kiss and danced our hearts out. Freeze those smiles in time with MyPhoto’s Acrylic MiniMagnets, and take them wherever you go. Just send your photo, and MyPhoto will take care of the rest.

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