Uvalde Shooter’s Mother Defends Son’s Actions and Says She Won’t Apologize to the Community 

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Uvalde, which has a predominantly Latino population, continues to mourn the loss of innocent lives. Yet, the mother of Uvalde gunman Salvador Ramos wants people to know that she feels her son is at peace now.  

Ramos ruthlessly murdered 19 elementary school children and two teachers in 2022, but his mother claims that he is now in heaven after receiving forgiveness from God. Adriana Reyes, who finds shelter in her religion, also feels no remorse and sees no reason to apologize to the grieving families. 

While visiting her son’s grave at a cemetery outside San Antonio, Reyes defended her stance in an interview with the Daily Mail.  

“What will it accomplish? It’s not going to bring back their kids, and it won’t change their minds on what they think of me or my son,” she said. 

This month, a Department of Justice report criticized the police response to Ramos’s deplorable actions, citing “cascading failures of leadership, decision-making, tactics, policy, and training.” Reyes, however, remains firm in her belief that her son is now at peace. 

Reyes, confident of her son’s place in heaven, stated, “I believe God has forgiven him for what he did. The only people who are in hell are the ones who betray Jesus.” She even shared that Ramos expressed remorse in his sister’s dream three days after the cold-blooded killings. 

A granite headstone was erected at Ramos’s grave last month, bearing the nickname ‘Lonnie’ given by his grandmother. Reyes revealed that “Lonnie” is derived from the Spanish word pélon, meaning bald. Ramos shot and seriously injured his grandmother before the murderous rampage. 

No Sympathy for the Uvalde Shooter Other Than From His Mother

While public sentiment towards Reyes remains unsympathetic, she expressed her desire to bring her son’s ashes back to her house eventually. “I want his ashes to be with me in the house he spent most of his life at,” she said. 

Reyes acknowledges the community’s lack of sympathy, stating, “I know what my son did was a cowardly move. I won’t apologize to the community or to the families, there is no need to, I didn’t do anything to them.” 

Back at her Uvalde home, Reyes reflects on the tragedy, questioning what went wrong with her son. She denies any exposure to guns during his upbringing and suggests he may have been influenced to commit the mass shooting via the dark web. Reyes even claims that the government red-flagged her due to her son’s internet activities. 

The Uvalde community continues to grapple with the aftermath of this devastating event, seeking justice and healing amid the heartbreak caused by Ramos’s despicable actions. 

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