Team Anuel or Team Arcángel? Let’s Get into What’s Been Going on In This Season of ‘Tiraeras’

Team Anuel or Team Arcángel? Let’s Get into What’s Been Going on In This Season of ‘Tiraeras’

I don’t know what’s in the air, but Urban artists are in a feisty mood. We are currently in the season of “tiraeras” or diss tracks – and it’s a lot. Let’s take Arcángel and Anuel AA, for instance. Over the weekend, these two Puerto Rican rappers released their “tiraeras,” causing an uproar in the genre. There’s also a lot of tension radiating from each end. From mentioning family to going on random tangents where other artists are brought into the “tiraera,” these tracks are giving the world plenty to talk about. So, let’s unpack what’s been happening between these two. 

It all started when the veteran artist, Arcángel, revealed that Emmanuel (Anuel AA) wasn’t his friend. In a bold move on December 11, he released “Feliz Navidad 8,” a diss track signaling that there’s no love lost between them. 

In an interview with Molusco, Arcángel didn’t hold back, even suggesting that Anuel harbored envy toward Bad Bunny, stating, “He’s the kind of guy whose hair stands on end when Bad Bunny is mentioned because he doesn’t have much. He’s really envious. If anyone is envious, it’s him. He suffers from that.” 

Arcángel further fueled the fire by joining a TikTok trend using the audio from his diss track, a provocation that many anticipated Anuel would respond to — and he did. 

Anuel made some strategic moves, changing his profile picture on social media to a photo where he’s being ‘arrested’ by Arcángel, trailed by Bad Bunny and Molusco. Then, in a TikTok video, he addressed his opponent, slamming him for threatening to end his career. Anuel accused Arcángel of being irrelevant and swiftly censured him for speaking ill of Daddy Yankee, calling him an ungrateful person. 

The musical drama didn’t end there. Anuel countered with his diss track titled “Glock Glock Glock,” aimed not just at Arcángel but also at other urban artists like Cosculluela and Tempo. Mind you, these artists were not happy they were mentioned. Those relevant within the Musica Urbana genre seem to have anything positive about Anuel’s track. Karol G’s ex-boyfriend also took shots at Arcangel’s concert attendance in 2010 and criticized his capabilities. Meanwhile, Anuel has canceled shows in the past due to poor attendance. Are we biased here? Maybe. 

Aside from his attempt to diss Arcangel, Anuel shared personal struggles, including his feelings about co-parenting his daughter with Yailin La Mas Viral who is embroiled in a scandal involving Tekashi 6ix9ine. Was “Glock Glock Glock” a therapy session for Anuel? 

Predictably, Arcángel swiftly reacted, expressing disbelief and sharing negative comments about Anuel’s diss track. The veteran rapper laughed at Anuel and called him out for releasing one of the weakest diss tracks he’s ever heard. Due to this, Arcangel decided to work on a second diss track to show Anuel “how it’s really done.” So, he promised “Narcan” in retaliation. The song came out last night and, per usual, Arcangel’s lyrics were as sharp as a Samurai’s sword.  

The social media war escalated further, with both artists engaging in a back-and-forth exchange via their Instagram stories, keeping their fans on edge and reacting to their music. It’s been wildly entertaining, to say the least. 


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This feud between Arcángel and Anuel AA continues to grip social media, with each diss track sparking heated reactions and meme creation, leaving fans eager for what’s next in this saga.  

Are you team Arcangel or team Anuel?  

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