3 Ways To Level Up This Fall

3 Ways To Level Up This Fall belatina latine

Summer’s over, y’all. (Cue teardrop.) Pero instead of dwelling in our summertime sadness, let’s look at ways to ensure our physical and mental health is in order this fall season. And we’re not only talking about treating ourselves to a pumpkin spice latte (although, that sounds good, too!)

We also don’t have to go as far as quiet quitting to make a statement. We’re talking about making changes in our daily habits to live a healthier lifestyle. Pues, what’s better than embarking on a self-love journey?

From starting off your day after a good night’s sleep to dressing to impress yourself – here are three ways to level up this fall.

Set your alarm to a realistic hour

Keyword: realistic. We often see TikTok morning routines that start at 5 a.m.,  which sounds fantastic… until the alarm goes off. Instead of going by what others do, how about trying out what actually works for you? Create a wake-up time that aligns with your daily schedule. Whether it’s before 6 a.m. or after, the important thing is to get at least seven hours of sleep, per the CDC

Don’t feel the need to text back

I’m not encouraging you to ghost everyone on this planet; I’m talking about not feeling the urge to text toxic people back. If someone that you’re not on good terms with is constantly messaging you, it’s 100 percent okay for you to set a boundary. Talk to them about your needs, and if they’re not open to hearing you out – then act on it. It’s not your job to feel guilt or anxiety over their codependency. After all, behaving selfishly is a clear sign of codependency – and that’s something that they need to fix, not you.

Wear your special outfit on a regular day

The last way to level up this fall is by doing what you feel like – whenever you feel like it. Want to wear the special outfit you just bought during the week? Go for it. There’s no point in waiting for the right moment – do what makes you happy now. The little things will make your day that much brighter and encourage a lighter mood throughout your day. It sounds cliché, but life’s too short to wait for the right moment.

What are your favorite ways to level up?

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