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Latino outreach BeLatina Latinx

Has Latino Voter Outreach Been Enough?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, a record 32 million Latinos living in the United States will be eligible to vote...
Early Voting BeLatina Latinx

Early Voting Starts in Florida with Record Number of Registered Latino Voters

Not only are positive cases of coronavirus increasing in Florida — but the number of registered Latino voters is also growing. According to the Pew...
Dispatches Latino BeLatina Latinx

New Documentary Shows the Real Challenge of Mobilizing the Latino Vote

Few of us know the scope of the work of thousands of activists and political agents who have dedicated the last few years to...
Biden Latino Vote BeLatina Latinx

Why Biden Leading The Latino Vote Is Not Good News

The desperation of the presidential election candidates to get the Puerto Rican vote in recent weeks is symptomatic of a serious problem, again addressed...
Young Latino Voters BeLatina Latinx

Young Latino Voters Prioritize Racial Equality When It Comes to Voting, New Poll Finds

A new survey published on Thursday by BuzzFeed and Telemundo further demonstrated the complexity of the Latino vote. While in the 2016 election, Hispanic youth...
BELatina Harris Latino Latinx

Is Kamala Harris The Missing Piece in Biden’s Quest For The Latino Vote?

If there is one thing the Biden campaign knows for sure, it's that the former vice president is not exactly the favorite of the...
Biden Sanders BELatina Latinx

What Biden Learned From Bernie: A Road Map Toward the Latino Vote

When it comes to beating Donald Trump in November, there is no such thing as a crazy coalition — even if it means Bernie...
Mi familia vota BELatina Latinx

‘Mi Familia Vota’ Sets a New Benchmark in Fundraising For Latino Voter Turnout

At a time when the administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic has weakened conservative Latino support for President Trump, organizations across the country have...
micro ads latino vote biden Belatina

Biden and Democrats Go After the Latino Vote With Their First Micro-Targeting Ad

If there is one thing Democrats have learned after losing the election to Donald Trump, it is that they cannot continue to take Latino...
Cristina Tzintzún Ramirez BELatina Latinx

Activist Cristina Tzntzun Ramirez, a Key Player in the Latino Vote in Texas, Gives...

Former Vice President Joe Biden has gained another key endorsement from the Latino community in his crusade for the presidency of the United States. After...