Are You Looking for ‘Chisme,’ Educational Content, and Everything In Between? Latino TikToker Tony Vara Has Got You Covered

Are You Looking for ‘Chisme,’ Educational Content, and Everything In Between? Latino TikToker Tony Vara Has Got You Covered
Credit: Instagram/ @itonyvara

The Latino community has a great selection of emerging storytellers and creators now. We are living in a moment where content is evolving to incorporate more depth without looking too overly produced. This could be a direct effect of the post-pandemic as people are tired of feeling the constraints of society and its perceptions. This has created a new style of video reporting, which has been exemplified through TikTok. One Honduran-Salvadoran descent TikToker who has seemingly mastered this new digital landscape is Anthony Vara – better known as Tony Vara.  

“I started using TikTok around the beginning of the pandemic. I was in my first year of college,” Tony told BELatina News in a recent interview.  

“I thought it was just because that’s what it used to be. And then that’s when I started posting TikToks. It was like the most cringey, the most annoying, like the most basic jokes ever.” 

Tony’s initial foray into TikTok might have been humble, but his journey from there was nothing short of extraordinary.  

“Then, I kind of started talking about pop culture and stuff like that, and then my account started to pick up. Within like a year and a half, I had a huge following of like almost 600K.” 

Vara, a young content creator who has solidified in this space for his cultural commentary, has captivated half a million followers and counting. There’s no denying that he’s at the core of the digital renaissance blooming on TikTok.    


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However, just as he was riding high on his newfound TikTok fame, tragedy struck. “But then that account got taken down by TikTok, so I had to start over from scratch.” He didn’t let that put a stop on his creation. He started a new account and continued with his journey. 

“Both of my platforms at the time were very different. The old me was very humor-focused, not really educational videos, but they would never do as well,” Tony Vara said. 

“I explain as if I were talking to someone who has no interest in hearing a lecture but actually wants to know interesting stuff. Like, chisme.” 


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Tony Vara Is a Versatile TikToker

What sets Tony apart isn’t just his content; it’s his authenticity and how many different themes he can touch upon while it being cohesive with his personal brand. One of the topics he speaks about is ADHD, for instance. He openly shares his struggles with ADHD, turning a personal battle into a source of strength. “My followers kind of never know what to expect from me.”  


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“I know some people make ADHD content. I will make some ADHD content, but I don’t really make that the entire thing. But I do mention it a lot.” 

Tony’s diverse approach stands out. He creates a variety of content from cooking to education, there’s something for everyone. If anything, his superpower is his versatility.  

This Latino’s impact transcends the digital screen. He is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring students, particularly in the Latino community. “I also try and do a lot of college videos, kind of encouragement videos.” He shares tips on getting scholarships, dealing with ADHD, and overcoming obstacles. It’s a way of him giving back. 

Beyond his role as a content creator and storyteller, Tony is also a passionate advocate for change. He is actively involved with Gen Z Por El Cambio a movement focused on chisme, current events, humor, and more through a Gen Z Latino perspective.

“I got offered a job at Gen Z Por El Cambio to kind of be their representative for the Latino community.” 

Gen Z Por El Cambio recognized Vara’s ties to the Latino community and understood how beneficial his reach can be for the community. They approached him because they essentially needed help with their messaging – and Vara took off with them.  


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Upon him coming onboard, the organization created a Latino-specific page called “Gen Z Por El Cambio,” and everyone involved has ambitious goals.  

“I’m so passionate about Gen Z Por El Cambio,” he said. We’re going to be doing a lot of Latino voter registration for the 2024 election only because Latino men don’t vote. So, we’re going to be focusing on getting them out to vote. 

Tony is also pushing for more immigration advocacy at Gen Z Por El Cambio. “I’m going to be working with a lot of immigration organizations that have to do with DACA, that have to do with Venezuelans getting TPS and stuff like that.” 

Does He Have Beef with Spain?

If you are someone who already follows Tony, you are also aware of his different beefs (or disagreements) with some people. One of the people that come out the most are those from Spain – as well as people from Eastern Europe. Though there is light-hearted beef, this didn’t deter him from visiting Spain recently. His experience in Spain, however, was a mix of warmth and microaggressions.  

“I love Spain. Well, I love Barcelona. In Madrid, it wasn’t bad. We definitely had some racist encounters, but it wasn’t anything too bad,” he said.  

“Like, I’m not going to let a Spaniard ruin my day if they call me a panchito. I’m here paying over $1,000 for this trip. You’re not going to ruin my day. But in Barcelona, it was perfect. I feel like I have to mention that this is not me saying that racism doesn’t exist in Barcelona because I’ve seen a lot of people say that.” 

It’s this very spirit that fuels his unique approach to cultural differences. He humorously navigates through various ethnicities, not sparing anyone in his satire, including Eastern Europeans. 

“I’ve talked about Italians when they want to speak in Portuguese, when they call themselves Latinos, I’m like, “No, stop. Stop.” So, it’s not just them, but I think with them [Spaniards], it just gets the loudest.” 

In Tony’s world, humor is a bridge, connecting diverse cultures while shedding light on the biases that persist. His laughter, though tinged with the bitterness of prejudice, is a tool for dismantling stereotypes and fostering understanding. 

What’s Next for Tony Vara?

Tony’s journey is far from over. With dreams of graduate school and travel to more Latin American countries, he envisions a future where he can amplify his voice and create tangible change. He is taking everything day by day – and as he should. For now, let’s all enjoy his videos.  

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