Afro-Latina Star Goyo Announces That She Will Make Part of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show This Year

Afro-Latina Star Goyo Announces That She Will Make Part of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show This Year
Credit: Instagram/@goyo

In a groundbreaking move, Colombian singer Goyo, known for her captivating voice and empowering lyrics, is set to make history as she joins the iconic Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This unexpected collaboration promises to bring a fresh wave of diversity and cultural representation to the renowned event. 

Goyo, whose real name is Gloria Martínez, took to her Instagram page to share the exciting news with her millions of followers. In a heartfelt post, she wrote, ” I was dying to tell you that I’m going to be part of the iconic Victoria’s Secret fashion show.” 

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has long been a symbol of glamour and high fashion, showcasing the world’s top models strutting down the runway in exquisite lingerie. However, the brand has faced criticism in recent years for its lack of inclusivity and limited representation of diverse body types and cultures. With Goyo’s participation, Victoria’s Secret takes a step towards addressing these concerns and embracing a more inclusive vision of beauty. 

Goyo, a passionate advocate for women empowerment, is known for her fearless and empowering music that reflects the strength and resilience of women. Through her Afro-Colombian roots, she brings a unique perspective and a rich cultural heritage to the fashion industry’s grand stage. 

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show serves as a global platform for showcasing not only the latest lingerie designs but also the talents and accomplishments of the performers who grace the stage. Goyo’s inclusion in this year’s show marks a significant moment for Latino/e representation and highlights the growing recognition of artists who are breaking barriers and challenging traditional norms. 

As we eagerly await the dazzling spectacle that awaits us, the anticipation for Goyo’s performance continues to build. Her infectious energy, powerful vocals, and unapologetic presence are sure to captivate audiences worldwide, further propelling the message of self-love and empowerment that she embodies. 

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