Cultural Milestone Achieved: ‘Lopez vs. Lopez’ Secures Season 2 Renewal, Amplifying Latine Voices on NBC’s Comedy Lineup

Cultural Milestone Achieved: 'Lopez vs. Lopez' Secures Season 2 Renewal, Amplifying Latine Voices on NBC's Comedy Lineup
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In an exciting announcement, NBC has officially renewed “Lopez vs. Lopez” for a second season set to air in early 2024. The news was shared by Deadline, who reported that the network was thrilled with the show’s performance and excited to continue the Lopez family’s comedic journey. 

“I think [the show] is an amalgamation of the writers’ cultural experience in the Latinx community as a whole,” Mayan told NBC Insider. “We’re just trying to tell our story and it’s going through the vestibule of our relationship, so there are things that are very similar.” 

“When you watch it, the audience will see that there are really moments when I’m just talking to my dad,” she added. “This show has so much heart, and it’s funny.” 

Get ready to laugh with ‘Lopez vs. Lopez’

Starring George Lopez and his daughter Mayan Lopez, “Lopez vs. Lopez” follows a fictionalized version of the real-life father-daughter duo as they navigate their personal and professional lives together. With a mix of comedy and heart, the show has been praised for its authentic portrayal of a multi-generational Latino family. 

Mayan Lopez, who plays a fictionalized version of herself on the show, took to her Instagram to share the exciting news with her followers. “WE’RE COMING BACK! SEASON 2,” she wrote in a post alongside a behind-the-scenes photo. “Thank you to all who love this show as much as we love making it. It can’t come fast enough.” 

During the first season, “Lopez vs. Lopez” featured a variety of great talent. From Brice Gonzalez to Rita Moreno, they made sure to keep us entertained and looking forward to the next episode every single time.  

Fans of the show can look forward to more hilarious and heartwarming moments with the Lopez family when “Lopez vs. Lopez” returns to NBC in early 2024. 

Will you be watching season two? We know that we will! 

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