Three Things We Noticed From Arcangel & Bad Bunny’s New Song, ‘La Jumpa’

Three Things We Noticed From Arcangel & Bad Bunny's New Song, 'La Jumpa' belatina latine
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The Puerto Rican Urban artists, Arcangel and Bad Bunny dropped new music (and a music video) less than 24 hours ago – and we are here for it!

The instant-bop, “La Jumpa” is already trending beyond YouTube, which is not surprising whatsoever. Most of us had a hunch that new music from the legendary Puerto Rican musicians was around the corner after Benito posted several stories with him and Arcangel a few days ago. 

Some are speculating, however, that the song was released before time because it got leaked on the interwebs before its release date. 


PALOTE. ROMPIERON. i hope i dont get in trouble. just doing community work 🫡 THIS IS GON’ BE ON REPEAT

♬ original sound – Carlos Emmanuel

Whatever the case may be, it’s always a good day whenever Bad Bunny releases new music – especially when it’s in collaboration with one of his idols. Also, “La Jumpa” is giving trap vibes similar to Arcangel’s and Bad Bunny’s song a few years back, “Ya me acostumbre.” Do you all remember ese temazo?

Now, aside from the song being released, let’s talk about the video.

It was inclusive

Subtitles were included throughout the video, which is a nod to the hard-of-hearing community. Guided subtitles were used, so anyone can keep up with the pace of the song. It was, indeed, a “visualizer,” as the song’s title described on YouTube. 

Low-budget for ‘La Jumpa,’ but yielded results

In recent years, music videos have become mini-films. They are elaborate, cost an excessive amount of money, and take weeks of production to complete. However, it is evident that “La Jumpa” was a quick production. After all, it’s only a repetition of Arcangel and Bad Bunny on a video call while laughing and talking. Nothing more – and, frankly, it didn’t need more. I mean, it’s already one of the most talked about songs and videos in less than 24 hours. 

Aware of their superstardom status

Though both artists are known for their humility, it feels like they took this song as an opportunity to remind the world that they know who they are. There were a few parts in the song where they refer to one another as legends and that no one else can top them. Arcangel is also heard rapping about how it was not his intention to stay with all the attention. El Conejo Malo, on the other hand, explained how he knows how abuelitas, their grandchildren, and doctors listen to him. They both are not the kind of people to “roncar,” but in this song, están roncando. And they are all within their right after their remarkable musical career. 

Have you listened to the song and watched the video already?

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