The Sad and Not-So-Bad Fan Reactions After Mexico’s World Cup Loss

The Sad and Not-so-Bad Fan Reactions After Mexico’s World Cup Loss belatina latine
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There’s no denying that Mexico’s last 2022 FIFA World Cup game versus Saudi Arabia was filled with strong emotions. Although the result wasn’t what Mexicans — and many other Latines — were expecting, the last thing that Mexico ever loses is hope…if Mexicans ever even lose hope. 

In the saddest, most teary moments of defeat, Mexicans find a way to have a good time and enjoy what’s left of the tournament. This is certainly reflected in the number of memes and reactions that are shared through different social media platforms. 

After all, who doesn’t agree that Mexican fans are the ones that bring the fiesta to soccer events? 

The full-of-tears reactions

The reaction of Mexican ESPN presenter Vanessa Huppenkothen after the defeat of the selección mexicana is a reflection of how we feel every time the team is disqualified from the World Cup. This and past FIFA World Cup events. 

“I’m very sad. I’m very hurt, for real,” said a crying Huppenkothen in a video. “I love soccer, I love la selección, I love my country, I love watching it play, we are a very chingona afición.”  

Many Instagram users — including famous actors, influencers, and TV hosts — showed the ESPN presenter their support and shared how identified they felt with her. 

The heartbroken but funny reactions

As the Spanish-language saying goes: “al mal tiempo, buena cara.” Many Mexicans have already started making jokes about the situation, sharing all kinds of reactions that will put a smile on everybody’s face during a hard time. 

A perfect example is mexicanos who “suddenly” start rooting for other teams as soon as they learn that their country is no longer participating in the World Cup. 

Some show themselves wearing a Mexico shirt and taking it off quickly to have another jersey underneath from another team — the U.S. team, which qualified for the next round of matches, for example. 


When mexico gets eliminated from the worle cup 😭🥺😅 #worldcup #worldcup2022 #mexico

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Whether it was with tears or with resignation and humor that we accepted Mexico’s World Cup defeat, we will come back as the great afición that Mexico is, and, hopefully, next time will be better. 

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