People Are Cancelling Mexican Reggaeton Artist, Dani Flow, Over Resurfaced Misogynistic Freestyle Lyrics

People Are Cancelling Mexican Reggaeton Artist, Dani Flow, Over Resurfaced Misogynistic Freestyle Lyrics: ‘I Would Never Touch My Daughter, But Her High School Classmates, Maybe’
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Recently, Mexican reggaeton artist Dani Flow has come under fire for the misogynistic lyrics that permeate his discography, coupled with recent statements that are beyond problematic.  


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A podcast interview from 2022, hosted by Charly Galleta, resurfaced, leading to a wave of criticism directed at Dani Flow. In a controversial moment, the self-proclaimed “Rey del Morbo” recalled one of his freestyle rhymes: “I would never touch my daughter, but her high school classmates maybe, and yes.” This provocative line seemingly glorifies the crime of statutory rape, prompting social media users to unearth other misogynistic lyrics penned by the reggaetonero. 

According to Rolling Stone, Dani Flow also faced backlash for his perspective on the sexual abuse case involving YouTuber Ricardo González, known as “Rix,” and Nath Campos. González pleaded guilty in 2021 and was granted bail.  

“That girl is worthless. I hate those girls and the ones who go out to vandalize the streets. They shouldn’t even be called girls,” he remarked in Spanish. While expressing his disapproval of the influencer, he delved into topics such as feminist protests, stating that he hoped his daughter would not become involved in the movement. “I don’t have a problem with people’s ideas, but I do have issues with them going out and causing chaos,” he said as he spoke about the feminist movement. 

Beyond the blatant endorsement of sexual violence against minors and the critique of a human rights advocacy movement, Dani Flow’s unacceptable behavior also calls into question the ideological stance of the youth — a generation often assumed to be more socially conscious. The role of social media in enabling young individuals to connect and perpetuate misogynistic and hateful discourses, even anonymously, is a cause for concern. 

Too Little, Too Late: An Apology from Dani Flow

A few days after the viral clips of the interview, Dani Flow took to his social media to issue an apology.  



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“That line does not represent me as a person. Children of the world are sacred, they are not to be touched, and that is my official and final stance on the matter,” he emphasized regarding the lyrics. Furthermore, he admitted regret over his other comments, declaring himself “completely ignorant” about the feminist movement and pledging to educate himself on the subject.

Regardless if he’s citing “art” as the reason for these lyrics, there’s no excuse to ever use sexual abuse and statutory rape for entertainment.

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